Team Vitality stop runaway FaZe Clan at Fall Finals 2023 cover image

Team Vitality stop runaway FaZe Clan at Fall Finals 2023

FaZe’s 18-match win streak comes to an end.

FaZe Clan’s reign of terror in CS2 has come to an end. Team Vitality took down FaZe Clan in the Grand Finals of the BLAST Preimer Fall Finals 2023.

Vitality takes down FaZe Clan at Fall finals

Amidst the season of roster changes and uncertainties, Team Vitality emerged as the best CS2 team at present. FaZe Clan have won their last three CS2 events and were slowly carving an era for themselves at the very start of the brand-new game. 

However, during the BLAST Premier Fall Finals Vitality had come prepared for FaZe Clan. It all started with the map veto where Vitality threw up a big surprise for FaZe Clan. They picked Vertigo as one of their map choices, clearly surprising not only the FaZe members but also members of the panel. Vitality had not been very active on Vertigo in the past few months. But, neither had FaZe Clan and KarrigaN and co’s inexperience on this map was clearly visible.

FaZe were only able to find three rounds on Vertigo, clearly outclassed by apEX and co. However, they had a much better showing on Nuke, where they got within two rounds of snatching a victory. Zywoo was in top form on Nuke, however, with a 74.9 ADR and several clutch moments. The youngster also took the BLAST Premier Fall Finals MVP award for his performance throughout the event.

The grind we made all together—practice, individual — was insane. I love it. I’m speechless. It’s good to win in Copenhagen after losing two years ago."

Vitality apEX.

Vitality had already secured their World Finals spot after their Paris Major victory. The final list of eight teams for the BLAST Premier World Finals is now complete. The tournament will take place in Abu Dhabi with a million dollars prize pool. 

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