With this victory, Team Spirit advance to the Grand Finals against MOUZ.

Team Spirit have eliminated Falcons at BetBoom Dacha Belgrade after a dominating show that limited Falcons to a total of nine rounds across two maps. Spirit book their slot in the BetBoom Dacha Belgrade Grand Finals with this performance and will face off against MOUZ.

Team Spirit 2-0 Falcons to qualify for Grand finals

Sh1ro and donk stepped up for Team Spirit at BetBoom Dacha Belgrade semifinals. The dynamic duo had a total of 31 kills which was far higher than anyone else on Falcons or even on their own team. Sh1ro had 12 deaths compared to donk’s 18, but both players had a phenomenal impact on the final score.

The first map of Anubis saw a relatively even first half with both teams scoring six rounds apiece. However, once the second half started, Falcons had no reply to Team Spirit’s offense. The extremely aggressive playstyle was too much for Falcons to handle as they managed to win only one round on their CT side.

The second map of Vertigo was even more one-sided. Team Spirit’s CT side was formidable with double-digits in the first half. The commendable performance saw donk, chopper and Sh1ro step up for the squad all of them within striking distance of each other. Immaculate aim and excellent positioning by the Team Spirit players meant they always had an advantage and a better read over Falcons.

Despite having some big names on their roster, Team Falcons was simply unable to put up a strong performance. To add insult to injury, they failed to win a single CT side round meekly bowing out at 2-13. 

With this win, Team Spirit advance to the BetBoom Dacha Belgrade 2024 Grand Finals. They will face off against the winner of MOUZ and Heroic, the two teams in the other semifinal of the match.