Team Spirit 13-0s ENCE, donk goes 2.41 rating to start RMR B cover image

Team Spirit 13-0s ENCE, donk goes 2.41 rating to start RMR B

Can’t stop. The donk. Can’t stop the donk.

All eyes are on Team Spirit as it enters the more competitive half of the Copenhagen Major European RMR, and Danil "donk" Kryshkovets hasn’t disappointed. The 17-year-old superstar rifler has put on his best performance yet in a 13-0 win over Polish-Danish squad ENCE to start the run. 

In addition to securing the first of three qualifying games for Spirit, the match will likely spell doom for ENCE’s confidence heading into the next rounds. Here are the best moments from the dominant victory and a look at donk’s incredible stats.

donk earns a 2.41 HLTV rated performance in RMR debut 

Team Spirit cleaned ENCE’s clock to start its RMR run, landing a 13-0 shutout with donk going 18-4.

CS2 player donk (Image via Team Spirit)
CS2 player donk (Image via Team Spirit)

Team Spirit drew ENCE as its matchup for the first round. While Spirit was favored to win, ENCE is also expected to eventually reach the Major. The team’s recent rebuild brought legendary IGL Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander of Astralis fame into the fold. The team’s settled on Overpass, where ENCE defeated Falcons at IEM Katowice. Fans expected a competitive match.

That’s not what they got. donk rang in the game with a four-kill pistol round, standing his ground at monster mouth before advancing to finish the job. His signature aggression didn’t stop there. The young star racked up 18 kills in the shortest possible game. Some rounds looked close, but backup from Dmitriy "sh1ro" Sokolov kept the dream alive.

Team captain Leonid "chopper" Vishnyakov followed close behind with a 16-1 performance. After 12 rounds of CT domination, Spirit finally closed out the map with a one-two combo from sh1ro’s pistol.

Pessimistic fans were quick to notice fellow rifler Boris "magixx" Vorobyev’s abysmal 3-8 KD, which may be the worst scoreline of any player in a perfect game. However, he actually racked up a solid 72.2 DPR, higher than sh1ro and Myroslav “zont1x” Plakhotia. There truly is no weak link in a 13-0.

Spirit will now face Astralis in the second round. If it wins, donk and the boys will become just one best-of-three away from qualifying in the Copenhagen Major RMR. The team will likely enter as a favorite to win the trophy, though it will face its toughest challenges yet at the squad’s first Valve event.

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