Stewie2k to reportedly return to Counter-Strike cover image

Stewie2k to reportedly return to Counter-Strike

A familiar name for the Counter-Strike scene is set to return.

Jake "Stewie2k" Yip's return to Counter-Strike could be coming soon. The North American could be back in the competition two years after his official game.

According to Dust2 Brasil, Stewie2k will be tested by Legacy's Brazilian line in April. The player would fill the spot left by twice voted the best player in the world Marcelo "coldzera" David. The Brazilian superstar left the team unexpectedly yesterday and went to the organization's bench.

Stewie2k has been away from Counter-Strike since 2022 when he played his last game for Evil Geniuses. In 2023, the player made a small appearance for Mythic at ESL Challenger. The 26-year-old player has been streaming during this period away from the competition, having even tried VALORANT and played some competitions.

Stewie2k has a month to show his game (Image via Dreamhack)
Stewie2k has a month to show his game (Image via Dreamhack)

Stewie2k: a singular Counter-Strike career

Stewie2k's Counter-Strike career is very prestigious. His peak was at Team Liquid where he won several international competitions. These achievements earned the prestigious Intel Grand Slam Season 2. With Team Liquid, Stewie2k has built a legacy in CS:GO and the North American CS scene.

With Cloud9, Stewie2k won the only Major won by a team from North America. The Eleague Major Boston 2018 was one of the most memorable CS:GO events in history. After this achievement, Stewie2k joined SK which later became MIBR. A few months later, Tarik "tarik" Celik also joined the team.

At Legacy, Stewie2k meets Ricardo "dead" Sinigaglia again. The founder of the Brazilian organization was the manager of SK/MIBR during the player's stay with the team. Stewie and Ricardo lived together in the United States even after the player left for Team Liquid.

Two years later and in a new game, Stewie2k may be back in Counter-Strike with an unexpected team for the player's return to the competition.