Spirit secure spot at Fall Finals: Spirit vs. Metizport BLAST Premier Spring 2024 cover image

Spirit secure spot at Fall Finals: Spirit vs. Metizport BLAST Premier Spring 2024

Spirit has guaranteed a spot in the Blast Spring Finals.

Spirit vs. Metizport’s BLAST Premier Spring 2024 CS2 result was just another day at the office for the Russian squad. But, Metizport managed to do something the rest of Spirit’s opponents couldn’t—they won a map. 

Let’s be real, Spirit was far and away the favorite for this event. In this mish-mash early 2024 tournament, the only teams that could make a dent, were the under-hyped rosters. This is why teams like OG, Metizport, and SAW could take down some big-named teams. Everyone else in this online event had just changed a player.

Spirit vs. Metizport BLAST Premier Spring 2024

Spirit’s encounter against Metizport was relatively hyped. Metizport managed to surpass teams like Monte and Falcons—but both squads are clearly still finding a solid lineup.

However, Metizport’s one-map victory against Spirit is a success for the unknown CS2 squad. Metizport managed to steal map one thanks to former NiP player Erik 'ztr' Gustafsson and an underwhelming performance from Spirit’s prodigy Danil 'donk' Kryshkovets. 

Once Spirit made it onto Mirage, the game flipped on its head. This is where Dmitry 'sh1ro' Sokolov, Myroslav 'zont1x' Plakhotia, and donk locked in. Mirage flew by as Spirit’s T side demolished any defence from Metizport. 

The final map Nuke was a closer endeavor, but more or less the same. Spirit took charge, with sh1ro and donk putting the final nail in the coffin. The 2-1 scoreline might’ve been a scare for Spirit in the early stages of the best of three—but they flipped the script as soon as Metizport made their presence known.

  • Metizport won their map pick Vertigo (8-13) 
  • Spirit won their map pick Mirage (13-4)
  • Spirit won the final map Nuke (13-4)  

Spirit’s run

donk (Image via Team Spirit)
donk (Image via Team Spirit)

Keep in mind that Spirit’s run was smooth. They tackled the likes of Elevate, a newly formed NA roster, and Germany’s BIG squad which has only recently changed multiple players. There was one common element to each best of three—Vertigo.

After donk’s poor performance on Vertigo twice this year, it seems everyone believes the hazardous, double-leveled map is the only way to counter Spirit’s star player. In every single best of three in BLAST Premier Spring 2024, Vertigo was picked against Spirit. 

It seems Vertigo could be donk’s kryptonite. However, half the time he manages to dominate too. It seems no one can stop Spirit, even with Vertigo as their weakness.

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