The Shanghai Major takes place later this year.

The Shanghai Major is the final Counter-Strike Major of 2024 and it will have some changes compared to previous Major editions. The Perfect World Shanghai Major RMR events will take place on LAN, bringing the qualification madness to fans in China. 

There are a few changes to the Major Rulebook as first reported by HLTV. To start with there will no longer be any RMR invites. Instead, RMR slots will go to teams as per their Regional Standings or closed qualifier performance. 

The highest-ranked teams from each region will advance directly to the RMR events. The second-highest-ranked teams will advance to the closed qualifiers. There is no mention of open qualifiers for Europe, Americas, and Asia. 

When are the Perfect World Shanghai qualifiers and RMRs?

Here are the dates for the Shanghai Major Qualifiers and the RMR events. 


  • EU 1 Closed Qualifier - August 21-24
  • EU 2 Closed Qualifier - August 21-24
  • EU RMR A - November 17-20
  • EU RMR B - November 21-24


  • NA Closed Qualifier - August 26-28
  • SA Closed Qualifier - August 26-28
  • Americas RMR - November 12-15


  • Rest of Middle East Open Qualifier - August 21-22
  • South African Open Qualifier - August 21-22
  • GCC Open Qualifier - August 21-22
  • Oceania Open Qualifier - August 23-24
  • China Open Qualifier - August 23-24
  • Rest of Asia Open Qualifier - August 25-26
  • East Asia Open Qualifier - August 25-26
  • Middle East Closed Qualifier - August 25-27
  • China Closed Qualifier - August 27-29
  • Oceania Closed Qualifier - August 27-29
  • East Asia Closed Qualifier - August 28-30
  • Rest of Asia Closed Qualifier - August 28-30
  • Asia RMR - November 11-14

The Perfect World Shanghai Major will see the world’s best Counter-Strike teams go to China to compete. The tournament qualifiers might see some overlap with other events during this time, and it will be interesting to see whether this impacts some teams’ participation in third-party events. 

The Perfect World Shanghai Major takes place from November 30 to December 15 and will feature 24 teams in total. There will be a $1.25 million prize pool with teams competing in a Swiss System format in the group stage.