S1mple launches esports coaching program: All Stars Promotion cover image

S1mple launches esports coaching program: All Stars Promotion

CS legend s1mple announces All Stars Promotion, a new education esports program.

Counter-Strike legend Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev announced his new project All Stars Promotion during the HLTV Awards 2023 broadcast. The project is in partnership with his brother Alexey Kostylev.

All Stars Promotion is an educational esports program launching in April 2024, that will offer coaching and community tournaments. Neither the announcement nor the project's website declared it was exclusive to Counter-Strike, but it will definitely include the title that made s1mple a household name in the world of esports.

s1mple's announcement on X (Image via X)
s1mple's announcement on X (Image via X)

S1mple's esports educational project All Stars Promotion

In announcing the project All Stars Promotion on social media, s1mple said: "You've only seen the tip of the iceberg. We're preparing to launch it in the best condition possible. Mark your calendars."

Although there is no exact date, Alexey pointed to a date for the launch of All Stars Promotion with s1mple: "April 2024".

In the brief announcement trailer, All Stars Promotion did mention what it plans to offer:

  • Exclusive lessons created by s1mple himself
  • Practice sessions
  • Community tournaments

Further information was shared through a press release:

  • Subscribers to the service will be able to communicate directly with s1mple and "other celebrities"
  • Players will be able to compete in tournament for "valuable prizes"

The press release went on to explain that the curriculum will include "detailed practical instruction and s1mple will share exclusive secrets gained over the course of his professional career performing at the tier 1 level."

All Stars Promotion has a live website, with just an animation as the home page. S1mple didn't give further details yet on how the All Stars Promotion program will work.

S1mple’s moment of career

S1mple and his brother's project All Stars Promotion launched the new feature after the player took a break from his career. Ihor "w0nderful" Zhdanov has replaced the Ukrainian legend on Natus Vincere's active roster.

The player announced that he was available for offers. However, in the same announcement, the player confirmed that he is taking a break from his career.

In the interaction that s1mple had at the HLTV Awards 2023, the player even joked about the possibility of retirement.

“I’m not going to slide number one again” – said s1mple. The Ukrainian player has three top 1s in the HLTV world.

S1mple has not yet announced further details about his future. Counter-Strike fans eagerly await the Ukrainian legend's return to the competition.