Not the German’s brightest moment.

The popular CS2 streamer Ohnepixel played two matches with cheats all by himself against teams of low-ranked players during a livestream on April 18. Even though Ohnepixel activated wallhack, his adversaries obliterated him in the two maps.

Silver is the lowest rank in CS2 and is usually filled with newcomers who don't have a great understanding of Counter-Strike mechanics. The general assumption of the fans was that Ohnepixel would be able to win a one-versus-five CS2 match with wallhack as it allowed him to see where every player was standing. The German streamer, though, struggled both on Nuke and Vertigo, and lost the two maps by 13-4.

Ohnepixel struggles despite having wallhack

Wallhack is one of the most powerful cheats in CS2 as you can see the direction the enemy team is heading or how they're holding a bombsite. It's quite an overpowered tool in the hands of skilled players as they have the aim to shoot quickly and accurately. However, wallhack was nowhere near as effective in the hands of Ohnepixel.

One of the reasons Ohnepixel couldn't defeat the Silver players with wallhack is that he doesn't quite understand what spots can be wallbanged, as you can see in this Nuke clip below shared by influencer Jake Lucky.

Generally speaking, it's impossible to kill players behind a concrete wall unless you have an AWP. Ohnepixel, though, kept trying to kill his enemies behind walls with the AK-47.

Ohnepixel's decision-making was also poor in several rounds. He tried, for example, to be clever with grenades in some situations and the enemy team spammed the smoke until killing him as you can see in the final round of Vertigo.

Nonetheless, the stream was a success

While Ohnepixel failed to win the CS2 matches with cheats, the stream was a success as always.

The charismatic German streamer got an average of 16,743 viewers on Twitch, according to Sullygnome's statistics, and peaked at over 24,000 viewers. Though Ohnepixel didn't play well, he arguably provided enough entertainment.

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