The North American RMR qualifiers kick off early next month.

North American esports organization, NRG has announced its return to Counter-Strike. The org, once synonymous with NA CS signed five new players for Valve’s newest FPS title - CS2. The roster may have some surprise selections but only time will tell how successful they can be. 

NRG returns to Counter-Strike

NRG have signed five new players to announce their return to Counter-Strike. The org, once infamous for its performance in North American CS returns to the game after a gap of nearly four years. NRG announced the signing of the following five players for its CS2 roster:

  • Joshua "oSee" Ohm
  • Damian "daps" Steele
  • Vincent "Brehze" Cayonte
  • Jadan "HexT" Postma
  • Justin "FaNg" Coakley

The star of this lineup is undoubtedly 24-year-old oSee. The youngster was a part of Team Liquid for the past two years. With a 1.13 K/D ratio despite facing off against several tier 1 teams, oSee is often the fragging power of Team Liquid. His ability to get headshots and open up rounds for his team provided significant advantages for Team Liquid. Unfortunately, Team Liquid did not find much success in CS:GO tournaments, resulting in a complete roster overhaul.

Joining oSee on the squad is daps, a veteran in the scene, and the team’s new IGL. Damian has a lot of experience in various leadership roles on multiple rosters. While it does sometimes, impact his individual fragging capabilities, he might have just what it takes to get this team together.

FanG joins NRG from Complexity, after spending nearly five months as inactive. The player has a 0.94 rating on Complexity, with the team itself not performing as per expectations. It will be interesting to see how a new roster and leadership impacts his performance on NRG.

HexT and Brehze round out the NRG roster adding a mix of experience and firepower. The team will have to compete in the RMR to qualify for the PGL Copenhagen Major next year. The Copenhagen Major is the first CS2 Major and its Regional Major Ranking qualifier matches kick off in early January. 

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