It was a short time on the bench for nexa

Days after parting ways with G2 esports, Nexa has officially signed with BLEED esports. With this announcement, Nexa goes back to playing under kassad who gave him his first International debut all the way back in 2017.

BLEED add Nexa

Nexa parted ways with G2 esports following their performance at the BLAST Premier Spring Groups. G2 esports crashed out soon, but they were plagued with player issues. The team’s star performr, mONESY could not attend the event and only played one match, where he severely underperformed in the first map. Regardless, the G2 roster has seen some significant changes recently and they also announced the addition of Snax.

Nexa will not be in any leadership role in the BLEED roster and it will be interesting to see if that frees him up to play as he wants. In the past three months, the player has a 0.94 K/D ratio with a 65.4 Damage per round. 

What is BLEED’s Counter-Strike roster?

With this change, BLEED’s Counter-Strike roster is as follows:

  • Joakim "⁠jkaem⁠" Myrbostad
  • Nemanja "⁠nexa⁠" Isaković
  • Hampus "⁠hampus⁠" Poser
  • Tim "⁠nawwk⁠" Jonasson
  • Cai "⁠CYPHER⁠" Watson
  • Aleksandar "⁠kassad⁠" Trifunović (coach)

He will have jkaem, Hampur, nawwk and CYPHER as teammates as they attempt to qualify for the Shanghai Major later this year. Nexa replaces faveN on the roster, who used to play a more supportive role. Nexa would presumably take on the same role, as he was well-versed in the role on G2 esports previously. 

With the new season being all about teams qualifying for the Shanghai Major, it will be interesting to see how the new BLEED roster shapes up.