MOUZ defeat Heroic 2-0

MOUZ have defeated HEROIC in the second semifinals of the BetBoom Dacha Belgrade 2024 tournament with a 2-0 score. With this victory, MOUZ move on to the Grand Finals of the $500,000 tournament. Meanwhile, HEROIC are out of the tournament finishing in the 3-4th place. 

MOUZ eliminate HEROIC from BetBoom Dacha Belgrade 2024

A strong performance by MOUZ ensured HEROIC failed to reach double digits in either of their two maps during the BetBoom Dacha Belgrade 2024 semifinals. The first map of Dust 2 ended with a 13-9 score while Mirage ended with 13-8 as the final score.

Xertian and siuhy stepped up for MOUZ ahead of the first map. While xertioN had 34 frags, siuhy wasn’t far behind at 32. MOUZ and HEROIC had a relatively even first half with both teams scoring 6 rounds apiece. However, the bigger difference came in the second half when some aggressive maneouvers by MOUZ meant that they were able to pull ahead.

MOUZ won Dust 2 with a 13-9 score and the two teams moved ahead to MOUZ’s map pick of Mirage. 

After losing their own map pick, it was an uphill task for HEROIC. They would have to defeat MOUZ on Mirage, where MOUZ is one of the strongest teams today.

And they started strong with a similar 6-6 score, but then again, HEROIC failed in the second half. This time, they had one round less score with just two rounds on their T side. They lost Mirage with a 8-13 score ending up in the 3-4th place in the tournament. 

With this victory, MOUZ have moved on to the Grand Finals. They will face off against the winner of Team Spirit and Falcons. The BetBoom Dacha Belgrade is a $500,000 tournament featuring some of the top teams in the event. 

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