MOUZ and Spirit qualify for PGL Copenhagen Major Playoffs cover image

MOUZ and Spirit qualify for PGL Copenhagen Major Playoffs

The PGL Major Playoffs start on March 28

The second day of the PGL Copenhagen Major elimination stage saw MOUZ and Team Spirit win their respective matches. The wins ensured they have now qualified for the PGL Copenhagen Major Playoffs. 

MOUZ dominate Complexity

MOUZ had a very easy time against Complexity despite hopes from NA fans that Complexity would show up today. The World #12 team managed only three rounds across the two maps, clearly a big letdown for fans. 

All five of the Complexity players ended in the negative with three players having double-digit negative KDAS. It was not just a skill issue as Complexity includes some of the best players in the scene. They simply were not having a great day today as MOUZ were miles ahead of Complexity on all fronts.

With this victory, MOUZ advance to the playoffs, while Complexity has one more opportunity to score big. Complexity will next face off against Team Vitality as they attempt to qualify for the playoffs. It’s not their final chance as even if they lose to Vitality, they can still have one more (the final) opportunity. 

Team Spirit triumphs over NAVI

Team Spirit faltered on the first map of Nuke despite a very promising first-half score of 8-4. However, NAVI are one of the best teams on Nuke and managed to post a similar score on their CT side. In Overtime, NAVI continued with its momentum to ultimately win the map with a 16-13 score.

Youngster jL had a very dominant performance on Nuke scoring 40 frags with a +21 KD. He towered over anyone else on the server. The next best player was Sh1ro and Chopper on Team Spirit at 25 frags apiece.

But Team Spirit bounced back in the next two maps with relative ease. A very dominant T-side on Ancient saw them amass a substantial lead of 8-4. Coupled with a few early-round victories on the CT side, they only needed one more round to win. NAVI managed to string together five rounds to make the map slightly more competitive, but it was only a matter of time before Team Spirit secured the map to tie the series.

The final map of the series was Mirage - a favorite for both teams. However, after a very competitive first map and a victory on Ancient, the momentum was clearly in Team Spirit’s favor. An all-round performance by the Team Spirit players, especially donk, sh1ro and zont1x, led Team Spirit to stand tall to NAVI. They closed the map via six consecutive T-side rounds for a 13-7 victory.

JL had a strong performance on this map as well, however, NAVI won crucial duels to lose their footing on the map. With this victory, Team Spirit have secured their spot at the PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major Playoffs. 

What are the Round 4 Matches at the PGL Copenhagen Major?

Six teams remain in the PGL Copenhagen Major elimination stage. The teams are all playing in either an elimination or a qualification match. Here are the fixtures for March 23, 2024.

Round 4 High Matches

  1. Eternal Fire vs Virtus.Pro
  2. Complexity vs Vitality
  3. Cloud9 vs NAVI

Round 4 Low Matches

  • Imperial esports vs FaZe Clan
  • ECSTATIC vs G2 esports
  • HEROIC vs paiN Gaming

Counter-Strike fans can catch all the action live on Twitch. You can also follow our Counter-Strike Major hub for all the latest news from Copenhagen