Don’t stop ’til you get enough

There’s a weird bug doing the rounds of CS2 matches nowadays. The Michael Jackson Bug as it has been dubbed by the community is quite funny, but also quite frustrating if you are on the opposite team trying to eliminate the bugged model. Here’s all you need to know about the Michael Jackson bug.

What is the Michael Jackson bug in CS2?

Counter-Strike 2 released on September 27 and it is still in its early stages. While Valve has done a phenomenal job of ensuring the game is playable as much as possible, there are still various problems. 

Valve has regularly released various CS2 updates that fix these problems, but new ones continue to pop up. One of the latest bugs is a bug that makes your in-game character model look like Michael Jackson. It appears you are moonwalking as you move around the map. If that does not elicit a laugh, it is sure to make you frustrated. Any player who is laughing and gets shot at by a slanting character model is sure to feel the frustration of not playing a polished game.

Valve will patch the Michael Jackson bug soon. However, the CS2 community has already ensured there’s a way for players to actually implement the bug in-game. 

How to use the Michael Jackson bug in CS2?

A Reddit user made a CFG that allows you to use the Michael Jackson bug in-game. While the bug is sure to receive a patch update soon, players can have some fun in the game before its update.

Michael Jackson CFG

alias "check_mj_forward_1" "forwardback 0 0 0"

alias "check_mj_back_1" "forwardback 0 0 0"

alias "check_mj_left_1" "rightleft 0 0 0"

alias "check_mj_right_1" rightleft 0 0 0"

alias "check_mj_forward_2" ""

alias "check_mj_back_2" ""

alias "check_mj_left_2" ""

alias "check_mj_right_2" ""

alias "check_mj_forward_3" "+forward"

alias "check_mj_back_3" "+back"

alias "check_mj_left_3" "+left"

alias "check_mj_right_3" "+right"

alias "+mj_forward" "check_mj_forward_3; forwardback 0.5 0 0; alias check_mj_forward_1 forwardback 0.5 0 0; alias check_mj_forward_2 +forward"

alias "+mj_back" "check_mj_back_3; forwardback -0.5 0 0; alias check_mj_back_1 forwardback -0.5 0 0; alias check_mj_back_2 +back"

alias "+mj_left" "check_mj_left_3; rightleft -0.5 0 0; alias check_mj_left_1 rightleft -0.5 0 0; alias check_mj_left_2 +left"

alias "+mj_right" "check_mj_right_3; rightleft 0.5 0 0; alias check_mj_right_1 rightleft 0.5 0 0; alias check_mj_right_2 +right"

alias "-mj_forward" "-forward; check_mj_back_1; alias check_mj_forward_1 forwardback 0 0 0; alias check_mj_forward_2"

alias "-mj_back" "-back; check_mj_forward_1; alias check_mj_back_1 forwardback 0 0 0; alias check_mj_back_2"

alias "-mj_left" "-left; check_mj_right_1; alias check_mj_left_1 rightleft 0 0 0; alias check_mj_left_2"

alias "-mj_right" "-right; check_mj_left_1; alias check_mj_right_1 rightleft 0 0 0; alias check_mj_right_2"

alias "+michael_jackson" "-forward; -back; -left; -right; alias check_mj_forward_3; alias check_mj_back_3; alias check_mj_left_3; alias check_mj_right_3"

alias "-michael_jackson" "check_mj_forward_2; check_mj_back_2; check_mj_left_2; check_mj_right_2; alias check_mj_forward_3 +forward; alias check_mj_back_3 +back; alias check_mj_left_3 +left; alias check_mj_right_3 +right"

bind "w" "+mj_forward"

bind "s" "+mj_back"

bind "a" "+mj_left"

bind "d" "+mj_right"

bind "alt" "+michael_jackson"

To add the CFG, you need to write the above code in a notepad and save it. Then move the saved file to the following address. 

Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\game\csgo\cfg\autoexec.cfg

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