Meet Metizport, the new Swedish team taking names in CS2 cover image

Meet Metizport, the new Swedish team taking names in CS2

NiKo and huNter- aren’t the only family in town.

Despite being virtually unknown before the event, Metizport has become the team to watch in CS2. The squad entered BLAST Prmier Spring Showdown as a massive underdog, but it has earned the respect of fans with two big wins over established contenders. After upsetting an Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyljev-powered Falcons roster, the team put on an encore with a dominant 2-0 over Monte.

All eyes are on the young squad as they hint at a Swedish revival. However, just who are the players on Metizport, the new team making a splash in top-level CS2?

The history of every Metizsport CS2 player

Adam "adamb" Ångström and Tim "susp" Ångström

These first two players on Metizport are quite literally a pair. adamb and susp are identical twins who have both played competitive Counter-Strike for years. Metizport marks the second time they’ve played together, with only two months on Lemondogs as a previous stint. 

Same face, same hair, same taste in weaponry (Image via Metizport)
Same face, same hair, same taste in weaponry (Image via Metizport)

The twin riflers are putting up impressive numbers at the Spring Showdown, with adamb averaging an insane 1.40 HLTV rating and susp earning crucial entry kills on the T side. G2 Esports discovered the power of family years ago, and the bond is visible on Metizport.

Jack "Jackinho" Ström Mattsson

The 25-year-old AWPer has quite a history in the Swedish scene, but Jackinho’s only notable stint was on Fnatic in 2021 where he put on solid performances at cs_summit 7 and other regional events. He’s bounced around the scene for years, only once staying on a team for longe than six months. Considering his 1.63 rating against Falcons on Overpass, he may have found a more permanent home.

Erik "ztr" Gustafsson

Most players are used to seeing in-game leaders flounder on frags. Not so with ztr. The young shotcaller has a 1.27 KD ratio. He appears to specialisze in deep defensive positions, shutting down apparent site takes in Metizport’s match against Falcons on Vertigo. He even top-fragged against Monte on the same map with 23 kills to his name.

Notably, ztr was VAC banned in 2015, which has been contested by both himself and multiple analysts. The ban is still technically live, but he can compete under the new RMR eligibility rules reformed in 2021. Twitch chat is quite sympathetic to his corner case.

Linus "nilo" Bergman

Finally, the team’s star nilo. The casters may have a tough time pronouncing his name, but fans won’t after this tournament. The Young Ninjas dropout has a 53.8% headshot rate and a 1.31 KD ratio at Spring Showdown. He’s quickly earned a reputation as a CT demon, declining AKs in favor of his M4A1-S despite being the team’s top player. The squad seems to support his selfish and aggressive play style, sometimes setting multiple riflers behind him to trade. Of all the players on Metizport, nilo shows the most potential to become a true CS2 legend.  

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