Legacy joins three other Brazilian squads at Major following Americas RMR success cover image

Legacy joins three other Brazilian squads at Major following Americas RMR success

Coldzera is back!

Coldzera has rolled back the years bringing a stellar performance at the Americas RMR, assisting in Legacy’s success. Legacy joins three other Brazilian squads heading to Copenhagen after a touch-and-go best-of-three in the Americas RMR against M80.

The 2-1 result almost swung the other way after a sketchy second encounter on Ancient. Fortunately for Legacy, a solid overtime performance brought it back for the Brazilian boys.

Legacy vs. M80 at the Americas RMR

(Image via Legacy Twitter)
(Image via Legacy Twitter)

Bruno “latto” Rebelatto and Eduardo “dumau” Wolkmer were the key pieces in Legacy’s success over M80. While Brazilian fans celebrate, their compatriots up north are likely disappointed by the sheer lack of NA teams in the Major — and this loss only makes it worse.

The match looked finished at the very beginning of the best-of-three. M80’s deadly performance on Overpass (4-13) looked to be the end of Legacy’s Major dreams. However, a 16-12 Ancient match for Legacy brought Major qualification back into the realm of possibility for the Brazilian squad. The Inferno that followed showed a rejuvenated Legacy squad, where latto and dumau took control. 

What’s worth noting is coldzera’s solid performance throughout Legacy’s nine maps in the RMR. While his 1.21 overall HLTV rating is something to be proud of, his consistently low DPR (0.58) and impact rating (1.14) are the more impressive statistics. Pair that with a solid 0.74 KPR stat and you’ve got a blast from the past.

Legacy joins Imperial, FURIA, and paiN as the four Brazilian squads in the PGL CS2 Cophenagen Major 2024. That means over 50 percent of the Brazilian squads in the Americas RMR made it through the other South American and NA rosters vying for their chance to battle it out at Copenhagen.

All that’s left is the Team Liquid and Complexity match-up happening as of publication. Maybe we’ll see another Brazilian player qualify for the Major.

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