Time for changes in FURIA while the competition keeps going.

Moment of big decisions for Kaike "KSCERATO" Cerato's FURIA and remaining members of the organization's CS2 team. Having been with the team for six years, captain Andrei "arT" Piozevan was moved to the bench. At FURIA since the same period, Nicholas "guerri" Nogueira will no longer be a coach and will be the club's head of esports.

In FURIA's new decision-making group regarding the future of the CS2 team, there is divergence. André Akkari and Jaime Pádua, founders of FURIA, Nicholas "guerri" Nogueira and Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo make up the nucleus of divergent ideas. Akkari has already expressed his desire to internationalize the project with foreign knowledge. On the other hand, there is the conservatism already expressed by FalleN regarding a foreign coach and the impact on communication.

Guerri will join a new journey in FURIA (Image via João Ferreira/PGL)
Guerri will join a new journey in FURIA (Image via João Ferreira/PGL)

Meanwhile, there is still a free place at FURIA temporarily occupied by Kaike "kye" Bertolucci from the academy. On the verge of so many doubts and the start of ESL Pro League Season 19, esports.gg spoke with KSCERATO about the team's moment.

KSCERATO and the FURIA's next step

One of the oldest members of the CS team at FURIA, KSCERATO shared his thoughts on the debate about the club's next step in the game.

“A coach needs to understand players’ communication, it’s very important to understand what the people are saying and interfere when what’s being said doesn’t make sense. The problem with a coach who speaks English with us speaking in Portuguese is clear, it would limit his job and his job with us. I believe it’s complex, I understand that for the team to become international we need to speak in English.”

GET Rio was FURIA's first competition with Kye. KSCERATO has no doubt he will have a great future ahead of him.

“It’s been very cool, kid’s great. He’s young so he’s very confident, these young players have a lot of confidence. He always wants to take the duels and shoot, that’s cool, and he’s very intelligent in-game. I’m sure he will become a great player. We are trying to help him, I think he’s not feeling the pressure. He just wants to play against the guy he was used to watch.”

Difference between FalleN and arT by KSCERATO

In addition to people leaving, another change was the return of Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo to the role of team captain after arT's departure. KSCERATO pointed out the differences in their style and was happy with FalleN's new leadership.

KSCERATO and FalleN will keep playing together (Image via João Ferreira/PGL)
KSCERATO and FalleN will keep playing together (Image via João Ferreira/PGL)

“arT was the captain but FalleN has helping him. I think he didn’t lose that essence of being a captain since he was helping a lot during the mid-round. In my opinion, he’s a great leader, he’s exceptional, we call him Ronaldo Fenómeno.

He’s already in thirties, I call him uncle (laughs). I’m happy that he stayed, I think it was a mutual desire. arT’s style is more a reactions style, you have to think fast.

I think in FalleN’s, we know and we have more time to think in what we will do during the break in the round. FalleN can organize the game, he says a lot of things and very fast, it’s impressive.”

No deadline

According to KSCERATO, there is no deadline for the roster to be definitive.

“We have no deadline, it’s something that will happen. It depends on other players desire, contracts, etc, so it depends on a million things that are not in our control. We just have to focus on these tournaments and play like kye is part of the team.”

A step behind

For several years alone and far from second place as the best team in Brazil, FURIA was dethroned. Imperial, paiN and MIBR appear better in 2024 and FURIA is back in the race. KSCERATO says he is not afraid or worried about this position. Furthermore, the player explained the team's situation in relation to the three.

“We have a lot of pressure from the fans, they and we believe we are the best team in Brazil. MIBR, paiN and Imperial have been playing a lot, they are doing an excellent job. The main difference is that we want to play these big tournaments against the European style."

KSCERATO admits the good period of Imperial, paiN and MIBR (Image via João Ferreira/PGL)
KSCERATO admits the good period of Imperial, paiN and MIBR (Image via João Ferreira/PGL)

"Those three teams have a lot of tournament rhythm in Brazil and that’s difficult for us in Europe to do something similar due to schedule. I’ve no fear of that, they are all my friends and if they are doing great, I will be happy.

I don’t care about that status of being the best team, I only want to do my job and win tournaments. For example, MIBR won ESL Challenge Melbourne, great, I’m very happy for them.

We won Elisa Masters, also great, but the fact that the fans use Elisa as a big tournament and the ESL Challenge as a huge tournament. That bothers us a little because it seems like people are having a tantrum with us.”

Goal: win the tournament

Regarding ESL Pro League Season 19, KSCERATO refuses to set minimum goals for FURIA and sets ambitious goals.

“Our goal is always to win and get the tournament. We don’t have a minimum goal, we want to win the tournament. We want to be champion, get the trophy, that’s always our minimum goal.”


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