JDM announces return for CS2, what team will take him? cover image

JDM announces return for CS2, what team will take him?

Let’s see some \_s in chat.

CS:GO phenom Josh "JDM" Marzano broke fans’ hearts when he left for VALORANT, but the chillest AWPer in town has finally announced his return. The American sniper that powered both CLG and Team Liquid will come back to his original tactical shooter franchise after coaching FaZe Clan’s VALORANT team throughout 2022. The player is currently open to offers from teams, but regardless of who he plays with, fans will likely welcome his signature laidback stance with open arms.

JDM announced his free agency on Feb. 13, 2024, through his official social media. In the brief statement, he states that he is now open to any offers from competitive teams. He didn’t limit himself to North America either, so he could wind up playing in Europe or Oceania. Fans applauded the decision in the comments.

JDM switched from Counter-Strike to VALORANT shortly after the latter game launched. He coached FaZe Clan throughout 2022, helping the team achieve solid results at multiple Challengers events. However, his squad was unable to reach Masters, which likely led to a cut in Oct. of 2022. He started regularly streaming CS2 FACEIT games in Aug. 2023 preparing for a comeback.

JDM open to offers for his CS2 return 

While JDM has confirmed his intentions to return to the game, it’s hard to guess which team will take him on.

JDM’s CS:GO was very successful, earning $187,903 with podium finishes at ESL One Cologne 2016 and ESL Pro League Season 5, as well as a championship at the Boston 2018 Americas Minor. He also brings some star power, with his relaxed posture remaining iconic years after he left the game. 

However, his time in VALORANT may have affected his abilities in a Source 2 server. He worked as a coach for FaZe Clan and technically never played the game professionally. His last Counter-Strike tournament was in June of 2019 almost five years ago. It’s hard to imagine a top team in North America cutting a player for JDM, much less in Europe.

The bandana completes his signature look (Image via MLG)
The bandana completes his signature look (Image via MLG)

Assuming he chooses to remain as an AWPer, JDM’s biggest potential contract could be with nouns Esports. nouns has gone through several roster changes since the release of CS2, and the squad’s new coach Eric "adreN" Hoag worked with JDM during his peak on Team Liquid. Aside from nouns, JDM could wind up on any number of North American teams looking to grab some star power with their sniper.

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