Protesters invade the Copenhagen CS2 Major stage cover image

Protesters invade the Copenhagen CS2 Major stage

Several people were expelled from the place.

The PGL Major Copenhagen CS2 stage was invaded by protesters during the game between G2 and MOUZ. The match was interrupted during the transition between the first and second half on the second map of the series.

First, a single person entered, but after that person was immobilized, several other protesters followed the first person's steps. In the images, it looks like the trophy was broken.

CS2 Major stage gets invaded

Several people linked the event to a discord between the CSGOEmpire gambling site and a competing site, CSGORoll, a sponsor of G2. According to pamphlets found in the arena, CSGORoll "G2 has been paid millions to knowingly advertise a fraudulent, unlicensed and illegal casino, even going so far as to use a minor to advertise it to a mass audience of young people".

In the pamphlet, it is also possible to read that they will protest against G2 "through several means".

Monarch, one of the founders of CSEmpire, left serious accusations via the gambling site's official website. He has already invited journalists, reporters and YouTubers to talk about the subject. In the statement, CSGO Empire also calls for the dismissal of G2 CEO, Alban Dechellote.

Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev has already left his comment on the CS2 Major stage invasion. The player says he knows who is behind the invasion.

This is the first time that a Counter-Strike Major stage has been invaded. Although we cannot exactly pinpoint people's connection to these attacks, some connections can be made.

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