Imperial takes control of CS2 Americas RMR to book ticket to Copenhagen 2024 cover image

Imperial takes control of CS2 Americas RMR to book ticket to Copenhagen 2024

Imperial has made a statement.

The Americas RMR has already seen some casualties during its brief runtime. However, the South American rosters, like Imperial, have managed to remain strong.

So far, three out of the eight South American rosters have fallen in the Americas RMR — and it seems the rest are making a solid play for the final spots. As of publication, five North American rosters have bitten the dust in the Americas RMR. Odds are we’ll see more fall in the next few days.

South America’s stellar RMR run so far

Imperial was the first to plow through the competition in the Americas RMR. The Brazilian roster didn’t lose a single map throughout their pre-Major endeavor. 

NRG, M80, and paiN all fell at the hands of Imperial, and decisively so. Imperial lost 14 rounds throughout their whole RMR run out of four maps. It seems Henrique “HEN1” Teles is back to his old form after establishing a solid position as the highest-rated player in the RMR, so far. Whether he can recreate this form against teams across the pond is yet to be seen, but unlikely. 

With some luck, the South American rosters can make a dent in the PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major 2024. Odds are we won’t see a Brazilian era of dominance like there was years ago. However, if more South American rosters make it through, it only increases their chances of making it further through the next stage of the Major.

Who's out?

(Image via PGL)
(Image via PGL)

As for who’s out, as of publication, these are the teams eliminated:

  • NRG
  • Elevate
  • BOSS
  • Wildcards
  • RED Canids
  • MIBR

Whether the North American rosters can make their way through to the next stage of the Major will be determined in the next few days. Teams like Liquid and M80 are teetering on the edge of an Americas RMR elimination.

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