Stavn and jabbi are no longer on the active roster, hours before the start of Roobet Cup 2023.

Heroic has posted a roster change with an explanation that has surprised the majority of the community. Stavn and jabbi are no longer on the starting roster and the reason behind this decision is a very surprising one. 

Heroic is sad to announce that stavn and jabbi are temporarily removed from the starting lineup. 

The announcement comes days after the surprise removal of the team’s in-game leader, Cadian from the roster. 

Heroic remove stavn and jabbi from active roster

Heroic say stavn and jabbi gave an ultimatum to the org after ESL Pro League Season 18. The duo pushed to replace Cadian, from the Herioc active roster. After mediations and negotiations, Heroic ultimately had to choose between Cadian and the rest of the team. 

The org says stavn and jabbi agreed to extend their contracts if Cadian was no longer on the team. Heroic and Cadian agreed to part ways which resulted in the IGL leaving Heroic. 

However, when the org went to stavn and jabbi to extend their contracts, they communicated having made future plans with Astralis. The duo had almost ten months until their contract expirations. 

The surprise announcement comes days after the BLAST Premier Fall Finals. Heroic have removed stavn and jabbi from the active roster effective immediately. The removal is temporary with the announcement stating the org’s performance staff have made a plan to support their potential return to the starting lineup.

The announcement ends with a veiled jibe at Astralis who were reported in talks with the duo.

We are open to discussing transfers to organizations with a professional approach and an understanding of our players’ market value.

Heroic are currently participating in the Roobet Cup 2023, which is an online tournament with a $250,000 prize pool. The tournament runs till November 2, 2023 and will feature a mix of competition from Europe and around the world. 

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