B8 esports’ new roster will compete in the upcoming Elisa Spring Invitational.

B8 Esports have announced two new additions to their Counter-Strike roster. The Ukrainian esports organization has added Danyyl "headtr1ck" Valitov and Oleg "baz" Kulynych. The announcement comes shortly after Artem "r1nkle" Moroz joined the Ninjas in Pyjamas earlier this month.

Headtr1ck joins the B8 esports after nearly eighteen months with the Ninjas in Pyjamas. The 19-year-old player joined the Ninjas in January 2023. He barely managed a respectable performance after playing under various in-game leaders and multiple rosters. NIP finished 9-11th place in the BLAST.tv Paris Major. They couldn't make it out of the Legends stage with their final match being a 2-3 loss against Apeks. 

Consistency remained elusive for the player as he switched roles from being a rifler to an AWPer. But with a lack of expected results, he now moves to B8 esports.

The other player joining B8 Esports is Oleg "baz" Kulynych. The 20-year-old player spent most of the past several months on Team Spirit’s Academy team. He has stepped up for the main team several times, including the most recent BLAST Premier Spring Groups. 

Team Spirit lost to Team Liquid and FaZe Clan to crash out of the group stage. Despite the loss, Baz has put up some respectable performances over the past year. With a 71.8% KAST and 0.63 DPR, he has had several impressive performances over the past twelve months.

What is B8 esports Counter-Strike roster?

B8 esports roster is as follows:

  • Danyyl "headtr1ck" Valitov
  • Oleg "baz" Kulynych. 
  • Arsenyj "cptkurtka023" Derevynskyj 
  • Andrij "npl" Kukharsjkyj
  • Mykhajlo "OWNER" Lymar

B8 Esports will next compete in the Elisa Invitational Spring with their first match with the new roster up against MOUZ NXT. It is a $25,000 online tournament featuring 25 teams from Europe. B8 Esports will start the event in the Main stage while MOUZ NXT had a flawless run through the Contenders stage. 

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