Guild Esports has announced its expansion into Counter-Strike with a men’s team. They previously competed in the female scene

Guild Esports, the esports organization co-owned by David Beckham, has announced its full entry into the Counter-Strike esports. The company already competed with an all-female roster since March of this year, but this is the first time that Guild Esports will compete in the main scene.

The organization made it clear that they will announce a roster to compete before Counter-Strike 2 launches. The game's recent update was given as one of the reasons for the new investment.

Guild dives further into Counter-Strike

Guild stated in a release that: "The approaching launch of Counter-Strike 2 has reinvigorated community interest in both the game and its esports ecosystem. Alongside this announcement, Valve has announced new requirements to the competitive Counter-Strike ecosystem which are expected to significantly reduce the entry costs associated with some of the top-tier men's tournaments."

Alongside that, according to Jasmine Skee, CEO of Guild Esports, the reception of the organization CS:GO female roster was outstanding. Those two factors showed to the directors of the company that this is a good time to expand its investment:

"Counter-Strike is an iconic esport, with an immense fanbase, and more than ten years after launching it continues to grow in popularity. Our entry into the men's competitions, underscored by the impending launch of Counter-Strike 2, aligns perfectly with our vision to consistently elevate our brand's presence on a global scale. Following the outstanding reception to our all-female Counter-Strike team earlier this year, we're eager to further tap into this burgeoning market, seizing the myriad of sponsorship and revenue opportunities it presents," Skee said.

Guild's upcoming CS roster

(Photo: YouTube/Guild Esports)
(Photo: YouTube/Guild Esports)

The statement to the press also stated that Guild's expansion in Counter-Strike was supported by multiple sources, including "a national esports federation." It's "men's roster" will comprise of five players and coaching staff.

The organization is based in London, United Kingdom, but they didn't elaborate about which region they will compete in the CS:GO or CS2.

Guild Esports was founded in 2019 and gained notoriety in 2020 when they announced David Beckham as a brand ambassador and a new co-owner of the company. Since its foundation, Guild already invested in multiple prominent esports, such as Fortnite, FIFA, Rocket League, and VALORANT.

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