What’s next for the Dane?

GamerLegion has announced a change to their Counter-Strike roster and will be parting ways with Frederik "acoR" Gyldstrand. The announcement comes as the player’s contract comes to an end and amidst rumors of a potential move to TSM. 

GamerLegion and acoR part ways

After some time on the bench, GamerLegion and acoR will now finally part ways after the conclusion of the player’s contract. AcoR joined GamerLegion in September 2022 and has been an important part of the roster. The player was integral in the team’s unlikely run through to the Copenhagen Major 2024. The team didn’t have a great performance at the Major, but reaching there was a Heroic effort one that truly highlights the potential of the squad.

It was on April 1 this year that the team benched acoR. At the same time, they added sl3nd from Endpoint. They also promoted aNdu on a trial basis to see how far the team can go ahead. A few weeks later, they signed sl3nd on a permanent basis reinforcing their faith in the 19-year-old player.

The 27-year-old acoR is a veteran in the Counter-Strike scene and has a long playing career to boast about. He has held his own against some of the top teams with a 1.03 K/D ratio. While the squad has not been competing against top-tier teams as frequently as several months ago, acoR’s personal performance against Top 5 opponents has remained consistent at 1.01. The player’s consistency remains a key attribute and his experience would put him on par with some players from the top level of Counter-Strike.

What is GamerLegion’s Counter-Strike roster?

The move does not really impact the organization’s Counter-Strike roster. The team’s roster remains as follows:

  • Sebastian "volt" Maloș
  • Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski
  • Henrich "sl3nd" Hevesi
  • Andreas "aNdu" Maasing
  • Timur "FL4MUS" Maryev

GamerLegion will next compete in the BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2024. The Fall Groups starts the new season for BLAST and GamerLegion will be one amongst sixteen teams at the event. The $190,000 tournament takes place at the BLAST Studio in Copenhagen and the top six teams will advance to the Fall Finals.