FURIA slides past Complexity to make it to the PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major 2024 cover image

FURIA slides past Complexity to make it to the PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major 2024

The second Brazilian team through.

FURIA has taken down Complexity to become the second 3-0 team in the Americas RMR. Now, FURIA joins fellow Brazilians Imperial to make it to the Major. 

The FURIA vs. Complexity matchup for the first-place spot in the Americas RMR was a back-and-forth endeavor. However, one team stood superior, solidifying their spot in the PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major 2024.

How did FURIA make it through the Americas RMR?

(Image via FURIA)
(Image via FURIA)

FURIA’s Americas RMR run was almost flawless. The Brazilian roster took down an all-North American cast of opponents, with some being held in higher regard in the CS2 scene. 

Firstly, Nouns fell at the hands of FURIA. The Brazilian roster managed to squeeze past only by a few key rounds, eventually leading to FURIA maintaining a bit of breathing room before potentially being sent into a do-or-die matchup to survive in the RMR. 

Their next was against the long-hyped superteam Liquid was even closer. The 13-10 matchup sent FURIA into the 2-0 bracket. This left FURIA against their hardest matchup yet, Complexity.

Complexity hasn’t been close to the roster it had been as the professional CS2 scene began. The North American roster has been a far cry from its IEM Sydney 2023 form. However, this didn’t stop Complexity from making it a close game for FURIA.

FURIA lost its first map in the Americas RMR, thanks to Complexity. The North American squad squeezed through via a heart-pumping overtime encounter on FURIA’s map pick, Vertigo. 

The final map of Nuke was an easier endeavor for the Brazilian squad. The 13-7 scoreline featured a series of team kills and bizarre moments. However, FURIA can at least take solace in the fact that they’ve qualified for the PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major 2024.

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