The team gets its revenge for the earlier 0-2 loss to Virtus.Pro

Falcons eliminated Virtus.Pro from BetBoom Dacha Belgrade securing a 2-1 victory over the latter in a series that served as a comfortable revenge for Magisk and co. With this victory, Falcons have now secured a spot in the BetBoom Dacha Belgrade 2024 semifinals where they will be one step closer to the title. 

Falcons get their Virtus.Pro Revenge

After a 0-2 loss in their opening match of the tournament, Falcons were keen on revenge against Virtus.Pro in the decider match. The 2-0 victory for Virtus.Pro earlier was a very comfortable one with flame setting the server emblaze with 45 frags across two maps. But the consistent performance by Falcons in that match sowed seeds of hope for their fans.

This loss means Virtus.Pro find themselves with yet another disappointing exit. The team has struggled to find its feet even in lower-tier events. They finished 9-16th at the Hellcup #9, in the top three at Skyesports Masters Qualifier. Overall the results have been disappointing despite having some stellar players on the roster.

Maden and SunPayus stepped up for Falcons with 48 and 43 frags apiece. With a 82.5 ADR, Maden clearly was the big differentiating factor between the two teams. SunPayus had some excellent moments as well but he was the stable performer on the team that the others could rely on. While previously, Vertigo was not their best map, a strong T-side ensured that Falcons had a strong start on the map. 

  • Vertigo (Falcons win 13-10)
  • Mirage (Virtus.Pro win 13-5)
  • Ancient (Falcons win 13-8)

Team Falcons will now face Team Spirit in the elimination match. The winner of that match goes on to face their opponents in the Grand Finals. BetBoom Dacha Belgrade has a $500,000 prize pool and runs for six days starting on May 14. The tournament started with eight teams but is now down to its final four.