CS2 is the second game to be announced as part of EWC.

The Esports World Cup announced that CS2 will be part of the esports festival in Saudi Arabia. The announcement was made by the tournament's X account.

EWC announced CS2 as the second game to be part of the event. Yesterday the organizer announced that StarCraft II will be included, explaining the team qualification process for the competition. Joona "Serral" Sotala and Clément "Clem" Desplanches will compete in the EWC.

EWC unveiled the process of qualification for StarCraft II tournament (Image via X)
EWC unveiled the process of qualification for StarCraft II tournament (Image via X)

CS2 in Esports World Cup

Esports World Cup will feature CS2 competition and EWC made the announcement with reference to Cologne, one of the game's most historic tournaments. The journey to Ryiadh, capital of Saudi Arabia and location of EWC, begins in Cologne.

We can assume that the winner of IEM Cologne 2024 will have a place in EWC. The organizer also confirmed today that the winner of the ongoing IEM Katowice 2024 will also have a place in the EWC CS2 competition.

ESL organizes both IEM Cologne and IEM Katowice. The CEO of the Esports World Cup Foundation is Ralf Rechert, founder of ESL. Furthermore, the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia owns the ESL Faceit Group.

About the esports festival

More games are expected to be announced as part of the Esports World Cup, which will take place in the summer of 2024. The competition features a cross-game ranking format.

Second, the results of each game will form the cross-game ranking. Esports clubs will receive points for their athletes’ performance in respective games to claim the official title of the best esports club in the world.

In the FAQ on the official Esports World Cup website, the competition promises to announce more games in addition to the already announced CS2 and StarCraft II in the coming months.

Recently, EWC announced the Club Program, an economic incentive initiative for participating teams. A program that covers 28 organizations.