It’s still Overpass and not Dust 2 for ESL Pro League

Following Valve’s new patch update for Counter-Strike 2, ESL has revealed the Pro League will continue on the previous patch. This means teams will play on the old Active Duty Map pool - which includes Overpass and no Dust 2. 

After today's CS2 update we would like to confirm that EPL S19 will continue to be played on the previous patch and the map pool will remain as is, including de_overpass.

ESL Pro League Season 19 to take place on old patch

Valve released a brand new patch update on April 25, featuring several quality of life changes to the game. The update removed Overpass and added Dust 2 to the active duty map pool. At the same time, it also re-introduced the left hand and right hand switching. Switching between the two handed models, gives players an added advantage in certain situations. However, it does take some time to get used to the quick situations and the best players are usually those that can adapt quickly.

The new update also brings about menu changes that will ensure players can always calculate the amount needed for the next round. The next round minimum requirement for the buy will help teams formulate key strategies that will enable them to play the game optimally. 

Selecting a preferred handedness isn't the only new feature with the latest CS2 patch. You can set a keybind to swap between a left and right view throughout a match, making it easier to peek around corners.

Here's where to set that keybind:

  • Open Counter-Strike 2
  • Go to the game's Settings
  • Select the Keyboard/Mouse submenu
  • Navigate to the Weapon Keys section
  • Find the Switch Viewmodel Left/Right Hand option
  • Enter the keybind you'd like to use
    • Default keybind is H

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