Case Farming is the latest target for Valve’s VAC Ban

Valve is reportedly sending out a new VAC Ban Wave and this time there are hundreds of accounts that will be impacted. The new VAC Ban wave is not related to Overwatch or cheating cases. Instead, as per reports, it is primarily focused on accounts that are used for boosting or for case farming. Here’s what we know so far. 

VAC Bans due to Boosting

Valve Anti Cheat (VAC) is the game publisher’s defense against cheaters and game abusers. The system is primarily associated with cheating or hacking prevention, but it is also applicable for accounts that try to game the system. Previously, Valve has issued VAC Bans for thousands of accounts at a time due to the usage of hacks or illegal softwares in the game. Using hacks gives these accounts an unfair advantage over other players which in turn makes the gameplay experience poor for everyone concerned.

The latest VAC Ban wave, however, is more focused on dealing with accounts that are used to boost others. It also includes accounts that idle in various game modes with the sole intention of farming cases. Both of these types of accounts spoil the gameplay experience for the average player. Valve wants to ensure players that abuse certain loopholes such as case farming. Case farming means when you join a server with ten of your own accounts. This means you will get a case drop - but you are also abusing Valve’s server capacity. These kinds of cases cause financial losses to the Seattle based company and it is no surprise to see them taking action against such abusers.

This will not affect players who genuinely play the game and may some times go AFK (Away from Keyboard) during the game. It will be interesting to see the impact of this VAC Ban wave on the player experience in the near future. 

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