No more surprises when someone sneaks up behind you.

Conter-Strike 2 has launched to a relatively smooth release on September 27, 2023. CS:GO players can find the new game in their Steam Library and download it without any problems. However, as is the case with any new big release, there are always going to be small bugs and errors. And Valve has already released a CS2 update to fix some of the more persistent ones.

CS2 update fixes zoomed sound bug

One of the biggest gripes for several players was the weird in-game sound. When players were zoomed in on any scope, the sound they heard felt like it came from the location they had scoped in to.

The bug was very disconcerting for players who would have a false sense of spatial awareness. The CS2 update 

Image Credit: Valve
Image Credit: Valve

In addition to the audio bug, there are also some quality-of-life changes, especially on Nuke. The developers have tuned the water refraction based on player feedback as it was too distracting.

CS2 patch notes


  • Weapon sounds will no longer sound like they come from the spot you are zoomed into


  • Updated water in Nuke to fix an issue with smoke
  • Reduced maximum amount of water refraction since it was looking too noisy/distracting


  • Fixed a case where the death panel wouldn't show
  • Fixed a case where the preview crosshair wouldn't show in-game settings
  • And finally fixed a case where debug text would appear on the crosshair

Valve released Counter-Strike 2 on September 27, 2023. The game has a new sub-tick sub-tick system that allows players to optimize the game performance based on their system. There is also a new Rewards-Drop system in CS2 that gives players incentives to launch the game every single day. 

With CS:GO regularly crossing a million concurrent players, we can expect CS2 to pull in some big numbers. Whether they will surpass CS:GO or not is still up for debate, but we can see some exciting times ahead for FPS titles. 

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