The CS2 trading game keeps delivering record-breaking deals.

Two of the biggest skin collectors in CS2, Oliver "zipeL" Behrensdorff and Sam "roflm0nster" Alexander, revealed on June 5 they helped sell a skin for over $1 million.

The buyer, who has chosen to remain anonymous, purchased a StatTrak Factory New AK-47 Blue Gem pattern 661 CS2 skin for over $1 million.

What does the skin look like?

The skin community labeled these sorts of skins as Blue Gem instead of using the official Case Hardened name. This is because the Blue Gem is one of the rarest patterns in CS2 and not every Case Hardened skin is a Blue Gem. This special pattern is only available for the AK-47, Five-Seven, and a bunch of different knives.

The original buyout for this perfect Blue Gem AK-47 with 0.04827 Float and 661 Paint Seed was originally $1.5 million. Roflm0nster didn't disclose the exact amount, but he revealed that $1 million offers were rejected "multiple times."

Is this the most expensive CS2 skin ever?

Although roflm0nster and zipeL helped sell this AK-47 Blue Gem CS2 skin for over $1 million, this isn't the most expensive skin in CS2. This is only the most expensive deal fans have heard of.

Fans believe the most expensive skin is a special Karambit Blue Gem knife instead. The owner of this knife reportedly turned down a $1.5 million offer two years ago, according to notable skin collector and streamer Ohnepixel, who was trying to broker the deal.

There's also the possibility that more expensive deals happened before. Many skin collectors choose to remain anonymous throughout their trading life to avoid getting hacked or robbed.

With CS2 skins still rising in popularity, we'll surely hear more stories about collectors buying skins for around $1 million.

That's all for now. Stay tuned to for more CS2 news.

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