Players should experience reduced lag after this update. Who knew removing commands could solve lag?

Counter-Strike 2, is one of the most anticipated FPS title releases of the year. And Valve says it is set to release soon. And as we head closer to the mysterious ‘Summer 2023’ release, Valve has been regularly shipping updates to the game. The latest September 13, 2023 CS2 update brings improvements to lag compensation, audio as well as better shot accuracy reflections in-game. This update comes soon after Valve teased CS2’s impending release in a blog post. 

September 13 CS2 Update

The Counter-Strike 2 update on September 13 brings significant improvements to the game. While there are not many map or weapon changes, improvements such as adjustments to lag compensation and audio cues will go a long way in enhancing the CS2 experience.

What is more surprising is the latest patch has deleted the cl_interp commands. This community widely considered these commands as crucial to removing lag spikes in the Source 2 Engine. However, according to Valve, and by their recent removal of these commands, the legacy commands never really had any impact on CS2. 

Removed several legacy networking convars that existed in CS:GO but never had an effect in CS2

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been numerous critical posts on social media as well as complaints about the feel of movement in Counter-Strike 2. With one swift update, Valve seems to have solved (for now) most of these problems.

In addition to commands such as cl_interp_ratio, cl_interp; cl_updaterate is also not accessible via the console anymore.

Patch Notes


  • Various bug fixes and tweaks for all shipped maps


  • Various fixes for Molotov/incendiary grenades
  • Various fixes for smoke grenades
  • Fixed damage indicators for fire damage
  • Adjusted first-person sniper contrails to reflect shot accuracy
  • Various adjustments to lag compensation
  • Replaced player elevation indicators on the radar with look directions

Premier Matchmaking

  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to UI elements


  • Audio mix changes and tweaks
  • Lowered occlusion and distance effects for gunfire, footsteps and reloads
  • Slight increase to stereo spread
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect footstep and jump land sounds would play on elevated edges
  • Fixed a bug where music would stop playing at the end of deathmatch


  • Changed armor number in buy menu from amount you currently have to amount you can buy
  • Various fixes for weapon finishes, gloves, and stickers
  • Water rendering performance improvements
  • Added nametag positions for all knife models
  • Allow adjusting individual player voice volumes
  • Various HUD bug fixes and tweaks
  • Added option to disallow animated avatars
  • Removed several legacy networking convars that existed in CS:GO but never had an effect in CS2

Earlier yesterday, Valve had a very short and cryptic teaser about CS2’s release date. The teaser - a very short and leave-you-wanting-for-more type - was just a ‘soon’. CS2’s release date is officially Summer 2023 

Stay tuned to for the latest CS2 news and updates.

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