Are the music kits now worth it?

CS2’s latest update has added a new 10-second countdown music for FPS lovers. The ten-second countdown music signals the near of the C4 going off. Here’s all that’s new in the latest CS2 patch notes.

Ten-second Bomb music

The ten-second bomb music has a new audio now. It is essentially a faster paced countdown beep, but you can clearly differentiate when the ten second timer starts. The new audio is much more noticeable and will be a big help to all players who rely on this music.

Every round, when the bomb timer is down to the last ten seconds, there is a musical note that plays. The start of the music note helps players realize when the bomb will set off. 

Another key advantage of the new countdown sound is that players will still be able to hear opponents when they are alive. One of the disadvantages of the music kits in CS:GO, was the ten-second countdown timer masking opponents sounds.

Why is this important you ask? As a player, if you do not have a defuse kit, it takes exactly ten seconds to defuse the bomb. The music indicator ensures that players know when the c4 will blast. It helps players make a conscious decision to either abandon the defuse attempt and save their weapon or continue. 

There are also improvements to the footstep audio, making them clearer and more audible to others on the map. The sound fall off distances have also been adjusted. This means if you whiff a knife kill, there is a decent chance your knife swishing sound will not reach the opponent if they are far off. 

CS2 Patch Notes


  • Command aliases now leverage subtick accuracy


  • New sound for final 10 seconds of bomb beeping
  • Added missing KSK agent voice
  • Reduced falloff distance of knife impact and swish sounds
  • Various tweaks and bug fixes around occlusion filters and footstep clarity


  • Fixed missing gamestate integration data regarding flashbangs and damage stats
  • Fixed a bug where a defused bomb would block the player from swapping to a gun dropped close by
  • And Fixed some cases where players could peek through ceilings
  • Convar cl_draw_only_deathnotices now blocks match status alerts such as LAST ROUND OF FIRST HALF.
  • Added a game server command sv_load_forced_client_names_file. Running tournament servers with +sv_load_forced_client_names_file namesfile.txt allows loading a key-values file where client names are enforced to be the tournament registered player names.
  • Added an additional fallback path for game clients to download network configuration.
  • Added a game setting cq_netgraph_problem_show_auto that allows players to enable automatic display of network connection issues in top right corner of game HUD.

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