AMD GPU users simply need to update their drivers to fix the issue

Valve has been regularly releasing new CS2 updates to fix various problems in the game. Players are already playing the game in professional tournaments but the Tier 1 events featuring CS2 are coming soon. As such, Valve has been very active in its updates. Here’s all that’s new in the latest October 8 CS2 Update. 

CS2 Surrender Option now requires Majority vote

The surrender option in CS2 now requires the majority of players to vote yes. This means no one person can hold the vote hostage if they don’t want to surrender. 

Previously, the surrender option required all players (apart from the player who called for the vote) to vote yes. Even if one player voted no, or abstained, it would count as a failed vote and the match would continue. Since teams can only call a vote once per half, it was a hit or miss. 

Besides the Surrender option changes, the latest update also fixes the AMD shader compilation problems in CS2. Valve had previously mentioned they are working with AMD to provide a fix. The fix is now live and players simply need to update their drivers. 

CS2 Patch Notes



  • Fixed a case where the grenade throw animation would be canceled by holding the inspect key
  • Adjusted M4A4 and M4A1-S draw animation to start from out-of-frame
  • Minor animation system performance optimizations


  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to Nuke, Vertigo, Anubis, and Overpass


  • All surrender votes now require a majority to pass
  • Fixed an exploit where players could spam chat during the Premier draft phase
  • Fixed a bug where kicked players were receiving the maximum CS Rating penalty. Kicked players will now receive CS Rating based on the final outcome of the match instead
  • Fixed a bug where the first character at the beginning of the terrorist team intro wouldn't render
  • Configured SDL to prefer X11 over Wayland on Linux
  • Paris 2023 items are no longer for sale

You can find the latest CS2 Patch notes here.

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