Full patch notes.

The latest CS2 Patch notes have been released, showing us everything that's changing in Counter Strike 2.

Highlights include some very important changes to Chickens, including giving them the ability to walk up hills (at last!) and some pretty substantial map changes.

Additionally, we're also getting some changes to grenades with changes to how heigh their flame pillar goes over time.

Full CS2 Patch Notes 5/23


  • Height of the 'pillar' of flame for both Molotov and Incendiary grenade now decreases over time
  • Reduced the terrorist team award when bomb was planted but defused from $800 to $600, to decrease the impact of the first-round on subsequent rounds
  • Reduced the price of the M4A4 from $3100 to $3000
  • Minor adjustments to first-person camera movement
  • Added explicit "switchhandsleft" and "switchhandsright" console commands
  • Deathmatch bonus weapons are now the same for all players regardless of loadout

Incendiary Grenade

  • Adjusted the explosion and flame visual treatment
  • Reduced duration
  • Reduced area covered by spreading flames
  • Reduced price from $600 to $500


  • When players open a Kilowatt case with a key, they will have the option to rent the entire Kilowatt collection (i.e., every weapon in the case, excluding the rare special item) for a week instead of receiving an item from the collection
  • Equipped rented weapons will be replaced with the stock version of the weapon when the rental period expires
  • Rented weapons cannot be modified (e.g., via stickers or name tags), traded, or sold on the Steam Community Market


  • Fixed a bug where the MVP player name displayed incorrectly during bot takeover
  • Fixed a bug where the Refund All button in the Buy Menu would only refund a single flashbang grenade
  • Fixed a bug where the ESC menu scoreboard during end-of-match didn't match the TAB scoreboard
  • Fixed a bug where the Loss Bonus scoreboard tooltip would get stuck on-screen after closing the scoreboard
  • Blocking stranger Steam avatars will now block other user-generated content such name tags and sticker placements

CS2 Patch Notes: Chickens can now walk up hills!

  • Chickens have a few new animations
  • Chickens can now walk up hills
  • Chickens can now turn right while walking


  • Various performance improvements to the Warehouse main menu and item inspect background scenery


  • The demo playback timeline now show indicators for kill and death events
  • Demo playback can be toggled into "highlight mode" which will show only kills and deaths for the active player
  • Various minor demo playback UI changes
  • Fixed a demo playback crash



  • Added catwalk by bombsite A, connecting to back of A
  • Removed connector between back of A and elevators
  • Opened up passage between elevators and scaffolding
  • Slightly tweaked size of bombsite A
  • Tweaked spawn timings slightly
  • Changed Wingman layout to feature bombsite A changes


  • Fixed movement hitch on lower conveyor
  • Lowered height of central conveyor tray to help open sniper view


  • Fixed a case where a player could shoot through multiple walls


  • Fixed bad collision on certain props
  • Fixed some sticky collision around windows in palace

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