New case, Arms Race, and more.

Counter-Strike 2 gamers looking to move their stickers anywhere on their weapons can finally do so. Oh did we mention the Kilowatt Case in CS2?

It also seems that a series of other cosmetic changes are here, thanks to the February 6 patch notes from CS2 developers, labeled "A Call to Arms."

What’s in the Kilowatt Case in CS2?

Bursting at the seams to see what's in the new Kilowatt Case in CS2? Here's what you'll get once you open it:

Gold and Red

  • Kukri Knife
  • Inheritance - AK47
  • Chrome Cannon - AWP


  • Jawbreaker - USP-S
  • Olympus - Zeus x27
  • Black Lotus - M4A1-S


  • Analog Input - Sawed Off
  • Just Smile - MP7
  • Hybrid - Five-Seven
  • Etch Lord - M4A4
  • Block-18 - Glock-18


  • Irezumi - XM1014
  • Motorized - UMP45
  • Slag - Tec-9
  • Dezastre - SSG 08
  • Dark Sigil - Nova
  • Light Box - MAC10
  • Hideout - Dual Berettas
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What else came with the Kilowatt case?

For those who aren't into CS2's never-ending skin collection, there are more details. Arms Race has returned with the maps Baggage and Shoots, the Zeus now recharges after 30 seconds in all game modes, and agents now show their feelings once they lose or win.

XP Overload is another new feature. Players who've reached the point where XP starts to reduce throughout the week will have an icon that appears alongside their name in the kill feed.

One massive change that likely won't get the same praise as the new case or Arms Race addition is the Refund All option now available when using the buy menu. Players no longer have to individually refund their items, thanks Valve.

Not only that but peeker's advantage has been reduced, according to Valve. Hopefully, now you won't be destroyed by every T player running around a corner. Let's see how the changes unfold over the next few days.

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