Here’s all we know about CS Rating and CS2 leaderboards cover image

Here’s all we know about CS Rating and CS2 leaderboards

Players with the best CS Ratings can submit their names for the Leaderboards. But only if they follow the guidelines.

Counter-Strike 2 just got a big update and part of that update is the introduction of CS Rating. The new rating allows the system to understand which maps are best suited for you and assign you a rating accordingly. Here’s all we know about this new metric and how it will affect your gameplay.

What is CS Rating?

The game assigns CS ratings to players. These ratings are a display of the player’s skill and ability. In addition to the CS Rating, we also have CS leaderboards that will display the best players from each region. 

What are CS2 Leaderboards

CS2 leaderboards display the best Counter-Strike 2 players per region. There are regional and world leaderboards highlighting the best of the best from each region as well as on a global level. 

How many CS leaderboards are there?

The CS2 leaderboards were introduced in the<a href=""> latest update</a>. Image Credit: Valve
The CS2 leaderboards were introduced in the latest update. Image Credit: Valve

There will be nine CS leaderboards. The different leaderboards include a friends leaderboard and a world leaderboard. The Friends leaderboard will only track the accounts in your friend list.

The world leaderboard, on the other hand, will track the top accounts all over the globe. Besides these two, there are also leaderboards specific to Africa, Asia, Australia, China, Europe, North America and South America.

Here are all the CS2 leaderboards:

  • Friends
  • World
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • China
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America

Who is eligible for CS2 leaderboards?

Here is the eligibility criteria for the CS2 leaderboards\

  • Top 1000 players in their respective regions when playing Premier mode
  • Prime Status is Active

CS2 Leaderboard Submission Process

If you meet the above criteria, you can submit your name for the public leaderboards. Once you submit your name, it will go through a moderation process. If your name is not approved, then you need to change your name before resubmitting the application again.

The leaderboard location will be determined by the location of your most frequented servers.

Which names are not allowed in CS2 leaderboards?

In an attempt to prevent users from advertising or displaying unprofessional names, Valve has laid out a set of guidelines for name approvals.

Advertisements of any kind (websites, software, etc.) are not allowed on Counter-Strike 2 leaderboards and moderation staff may deny submissions for a number of reasons.

Players need to follow the Steam Profile Picture and Name guidelines to be eligible to be visible on the public leaderboards.

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