The first Major update to Counter-Strike 2 brings about map changes, loadout changes as well as something new to HE Grenades.

Days after the conclusion of the final CS:GO Major, Valve has released a pretty big update for Counter-Strike 2. The update brings an entirely new buy menu, replaces Dust 2 with Mirage and has new loadout features.

Mirage replaces Dust 2 on official matchmaking

Valve has decided to once again push Dust 2 off the official servers. This is an interesting choice considering Dust 2 is an iconic map and it’s only been a couple of months since the beta has gone live.

There are many speculations, but the most plausible one is that Valve wants to test out the majority of its available maps during the beta itself. Does this mean that Dust 2 wlil not be a part of Counter-Strike 2? No, it just means Valve is experimenting with the official map pool during the beta phase.

HE grenades impact on smokes reduced

One of the biggest changes in Counter Strike 2 was the introduction of responsive HE Grenades. The grenades, on impact, provide a gap through smoke for visibility. It’s basically the same as normal smokes would behave. 

New Loadout system

Finally, we have a new loadout system. Now you can sell your purchased weapon during the buy time. This is very similar to how VALORANT weapons buy system works where you can sell weapons during the buy-time. The same goes for armor and grenades as well.

Players can also bring 15 weapons across three categories to bring with them to the loadout system.

This will help players to alter between M4A1 as well as the M4A4 as long as they have selected these two rifles.

There are also a few workshop tools including improvements to the Hammer level editor released in-game.