Changes to Buy Menu and the quick switch between Left Handedness and Right Handedness.

The latest Counter-Strike update has made a significant change to the Active Duty Map pool. The ever-popular fan-favorite Dust 2 returns to Counter-Strike 2 and will replace Overpass.

Dust 2 Replaces Overpass in Counter-Strike 2 Active Duty

One of the most iconic maps in Counter-Strike, Dust 2 has replaced Overpass in the map pool. This means teams will now have to prepare for Dust 2, allowing additional creativity and strategy during the veto phase. There are also many changes to other maps including Inferno. 

Preferred Handedness

The update, which also introduces the Left-hand model in Counter-Strike 2 will bring the left-hand model to Counter-Strike 2. Players can now switch between left-hand and right-hand with the click of a button.

You can set your preferred handedness in the settings menu and then switch hands temporarily mid-round with a key press (H on US Keyboards by default).

You can read more about this change here, but it is a significant change that will aid players who use keybinds to switch between viewmodels with ease.

There are certain advantages to switching between the different view models. Players often use these switches to gain that extra second of reflex time that allows them entry into the bomb site. While it's not something every player uses, some players can use it to their advantage if they are quick enough

Buy Menu

The Buy Menu now shows the Next Round minimum in the top right of the image.
The Buy Menu now shows the Next Round minimum in the top right of the image.

There are some small changes to the Buy Menu. Players will be able to see the minimum amount of money required to guarantee a buy in the next round. This will aid in planning for the next round and ensure a fighting chance even if you lose the current round.

These changes are significant quality-of-life changes to the game that will help users to improve their Counter-Strike experience. The players can ensure better synergy and strategy even during pub games thanks to the new improvements.

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