Complexity vs. Liquid: CoL earns place in PGL CS2 Major 2024 cover image

Complexity vs. Liquid: CoL earns place in PGL CS2 Major 2024

The final spot has been earned.

A masterclass on Overpass solidified the Complexity vs. Liquid result. Complexity is the final Americas RMR squad to make it to the PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major 2024.

The 2-1 scoreline fails to show the dominance by Complexity. Anubis and Overpass were clear showings of who was superior in this bout.

Liquid vs. Complexity at the Americas RMR 2024

(Image via ESL)
(Image via ESL)

The Complexity vs. Liquid matchup had plenty of ups and downs. It seems Liquid still has a ways to go before becoming the superteam we expected.

Liquid’s pick of Inferno proved to be a good pick for the international squad. CadiaN’s roster squeezed past Complexity losing only nine rounds in the first map. Despite EliGE’s attempts to pull Complexity through their T-side half, Liquid’s success on the same side proved to be too great of a battle. 

Complexity’s pick of Anubis brought the squad back into the match. The sheer domination on their T-side made Liquid’s CT lives incredibly difficult and rather short. Liquid failed to amass a single round on their CT half in Anubis. What really made a difference was floppy’s turnaround. Floppy completely changed his game in this encounter, doubling his kills on the second map after severely struggling on Inferno.

The final chance

Overpass began with Complexity tearing through the Liquid T-side. Complexity immediately started with aggressive pushes to get as much map control as possible. The beginning of Complexity’s CT-side nullified any push or aggression from the Liquid side. It took eight rounds for Liquid to halt Complexity in their tracks. Once the first round fell for Complexity, more started to follow.

While Liquid managed to accrue some rounds on their CT-side, it seemed Complexity had covered too much ground. A key one-on-two clutch from EliGE seemed to be the final nail in the coffin. A pistol armor rush through connector onto the A-site secured the twelfth round for Complexity, breaking the Liquid bank.

Complexity joins the overwhelmingly Brazilian collection of squads heading to the PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major 2024 Opening Stage starting on March 17. With some luck, a few of these rosters will be able to make it through the European gauntlet and make it to the Elimination Stage.

Who made it through?

Here’s who’s survived the Americas RMR:

  • Imperial
  • paiN
  • Legacy
  • Complexity

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