Australia’s top CS2 org Grayhound ceases operations following Major disaster  cover image

Australia’s top CS2 org Grayhound ceases operations following Major disaster 

Another Australian org down.

The highest-ranked Australian CS2 org has dropped its roster and shut shop only days after their Copenhagen CS2 Major 2024 RMR woes. As of today, Grayhound's CS2 roster is left without an org.

Greyhound Gaming fielded an Australian CS2 roster from 2017 up until March 3, 2024, according to a goodbye tweet from the org. This leaves the entire roster looking for a new organization to back them. 

Grayhound's CS2 days are over

(Image via Grayhound Gaming)
(Image via Grayhound Gaming)

The Asia RMR proved to be the final nail in Grayhound’s coffin. Following their losses to The Mongolz and Lynn Vision in the Major qualification stage, the org is ceasing operations. Both losses were unexpected. Typically, Greyhound’s CS2 endeavors throughout the Oceanic and Asia region’s qualification stages are usually a walk in the park.

This leaves Australia’s strongest CS2 roster without a banner to hold. However, the squad seems to be sticking together, according to a same-day tweet from Christopher “dexter” Nong. Despite Grayhound’s collapse, the Australian roster is still set to attend “IEM Chengdu, EPL, Dallas.” 

Global CS2 woes

While their losses in the Asia RMR were significant, Greyhound's CS2 dominance in the region was consistent and long-standing. Greyhound placed first in every Oceanic and Asian-based tournament they attended in 2023 and 2024, barring the Copenhagen RMR. Grayhound’s struggles occurred while going toe-to-toe with any team outside the Asia and Oceanic region. 

Greyhound’s last victory against a team outside of these two regions was against ORKS in ESL Pro League Season 18. Before that, their most noteworthy win was against NiP in ESL Pro League Season 17, one of their four victories against opponents from across the pond.

With any luck, the ex-Grayhound roster will be picked up in no time at all. At least we’ll be able to see them in IEM Chengdu 2024 starting April 8, 2024.

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