had a clean victory against Astralis.

Astralis and played on Friday, June 14 for a spot in the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024 semifinals.

The stakes were high as ever as the loser got sent home. Both Astralis and won and lost one match each during the BLAST Premier Spring Final group stage.

Here's all you need to know about how defeated Astralis at the BLAST Premier Spring Final quarterfinal, including the final score, statistics, and the best highlights.'s BLAST Premier: Spring Final coverage is supported by GG.BET, the international betting brand. Grab your special +200% deposit bonus with promo code ESPORTSGG.

Astralis vs Lineups

Jame and co. might have their best performance ever since the addition of electroNic (Image via Michal Konkol and BLAST)
Jame and co. might have their best performance ever since the addition of electroNic (Image via Michal Konkol and BLAST)
FaZe Clan
Håvard "rain" NygaardDan "apEX" Madesclaire
Helvijs "broky" SaukantsMathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut 
Finn "karrigan" AndersenLotan "Spinx" Giladi
Robin "ropz" KoolShahar "flameZ" Shushan
David "frozen" ČerňanskýWilliam "mezii" Merriman

Astralis vs Final score 2-0 Astralis

Score 13-8 Astralis
2Dust 13-10 Astralis
3MirageNot needed

Astralis vs Recap

Map veto

  1. Astralis removed Anubis
  2. removed Nuke
  3. Astralis picked Inferno
  4. picked Dust 2
  5. Astralis removed Ancient
  6. removed Vertigo
  7. Mirage was left over


Although Astralis went on to win the first four rounds on Inferno off the back of Staehr's quad kill on the pistol round, swiftly reacted on the CT-side as soon as they could afford rifles. From the fifth round onwards, Jame's side dominated Astralis and won eight in a row.

There wasn't much Astralis could have done to salvage the match as also ran away with their T-side pistol, but just when they started getting some rounds, FL1T decided Inferno for The Russian cracked the B bombsite open with his hero AK-47 buy and even killed dev1ce when the bomb was already planted to make win by 13-8.

FL1T was also the best player on's side as he grabbed 18 frags and finished with an amazing 1.50 rating.

Dust 2

The first half of Dust 2 was pretty much the same with what happened on Inferno. Astralis got a strong 4-0 lead on the CT-side, but once again displayed some outstanding form to win eight in a row again thanks to a series of perfect executions.

However, Astralis bought themselves a lifeline thanks to a pistol round victory to kick off their T-side. The Danes had the upper hand and seemingly were looking favorites to win the game, when all of sudden, woke up on the CT-side and Jame started to grab important frags with his AWP.

Jame particularly shined in the penultimate round as he shut down Astralis' B split with a triple kill and then didn't miss the opportunity and closed the game 13-10 on their first map point. ElectroNic was the best player on Dust 2 and that reflected in his K/D (19/10). This, in fact, might have been's best performance since they signed electroNic in April.

As for Astralis, this defeat to at the BLAST Premier Spring Final meant the end of their four-event streak of making the semifinals.

Final stats

Only dev1ce had a great series on Astralis' side (Image via
Only dev1ce had a great series on Astralis' side (Image via

While Astralis are out of the tournament, will return to the server on June 15 at 11 a.m PT to face Natus Vincere in the semifinals.

That's all for now. However, stay tuned to for more BLAST Premier Spring Final content.