The number of teams have been expanded to twelve from eight.

The Skyesports Championship 2024 has increased the number of teams from eight to twelve. And as such, new teams are joining the list of teams at the Indian Counter-Strike event’s team list. Recently, AMKAL and ENCE are the latest teams to join the Skyesports Championship 2024.

Skyesports Championship 2024 add ENCE and AMKAL

Earlier this month, Skyesports increased the maximum number of teams in their marquee event from eight to twelve. The new format ensured more competition and more entertainment for fans. 

After having already announced some of the initial attending teams, Skyesports is now in the process of unveiling the four new teams joining the competition. ENCE and AMKAL will join the list bringing different playstyles and gameplay to the competition.

All eyes will be on ENCE at this event. After a relatively subdued performance at the YaLLa Compass 2024 event, the team will be itching to showcase their skill ahead of this event. With the player break going on, there are not many tournaments going on right now. With not many Tier 1 teams playing in the Skyesports Championship 2024, it will be an interesting endeavor to see how ENCE performs.  ENCE made a double change towards the end of May when they added Viktor "⁠sdy⁠" Orudzhev and Paavo "⁠podi⁠" Heiskanen.

The Russian org AMKAL will also join the squad. The team was in the news recently after they cut ties with their AWPer Kaisar "⁠ICY⁠" Faiznurov. With only a couple of weeks remaining for Skyesports Championship to kick things off, it will be interesting to see who the team picks up. 

Which teams are a part of Skyesports Championship 2024?

There are a total of eight teams that will participate in the Skyesports Championship 2024. The initial list of eight teams has expanded to include four more teams. Out of these twelve teams, the majority come to the event via direct invites. However, there is also an Indian and a European qualifier that will give all and any teams an opportunity to qualify for the event. 

  • Aurora Gaming (Skyesports Masters Winners)
  • AMKAL esports (Direct Invite)
  • BetBoom Team (Direct Invite)
  • ENCE (Direct Invite)
  • Eternal Fire (Direct Invite)
  • FURIA esports (Direct Invite)
  • The MongolZ (Direct Invite)
  • Revenant Esports (Direct Invite)
  • 3DMAX (European Qualifier)
  • True Rippers Esports (Indian Qualifier)

The Skyesports Championship takes place over seven days starting on July 23, 2024. The tournament comprises twelve teams with a $300,000 prize pool. The tournament takes place in Mumbai and will feature a mix of international teams as well as a few teams from regional qualifiers.