Where will the French player go now?

Ali "⁠hAdji⁠" Haïnouss is stepping down from Team 3DMAX as the player wants to explore other international options. The departure comes soon after the team failed to qualify for the PGL Copenhagen Major.

After RMR dissapointment and one year playing with the boys. I decided to step down from the roster and explore my options in an international roster going forward. I want to thanks the boys for all the memories we made togheter. My DMs are open if you have any question.

Hadji (former 3DMAX player)

HAdjisteps down from 3DMAX

The team had a dismal performance in the European RMR finishing 12-14th. While they were not the favorites, fans were expecting a slightly better performance, one that could potentially give them an outside chance of qualifying for the Major. 

After the inaugural RMR match loss against Falcons, 3DMAX faced off against KOI esports. They also lost this putting up quite a surprise for fans. The 8-13 loss sent them down to face an elimination match against Into The Breach. They managed to survive that series with a 2-1 victory, but they could not overcome 9Pandas in their final series of the event. 

HAdji had joined 3DMAX in November last year. Having played for orgs such as LDLC, Team Falcons and more in the past, he is a very experienced player. However, despite the experience, he could not lead the 3DMAX roster to secure a slot at the Major. 

What is 3DMAX Counter-Strike roster now?

The 3DMAX Counter-Strike roster is as follows:

  • Lucas "Lucky" Chastang
  • Thomas "Djoko" Pavoni
  • Pierre "Ex3rcice" Bulinge
  • Bryan "Maka" Canda
  • Adrien "killazoo" Legarda

The PGL Copenhagen Major is the first Counter-Strike 2 Major. Featuring 24 teams, this tournament brings the best of all of Counter-Strike together for competition and glory. With a $1.25 million prize pool, it also has a substantial prize pool that highlights the importance of the event.