CS2 players will have a lot of competitive opportunities in the 2024 calendar.

CS2's 2025 calendar is busier than ever. There are still several months to go until next year, but the dates are already being announced. Now it's not just BLAST and ESL doing competitive circuits. PGL and StarLadder announced the dates for their circuits for 2025 as well.

Unlike other competitive games, players and teams will already have access to the 2025 CS2 calendar several months in advance.

StarLadder ran the last CS:GO Major before the pandemic and the last of the Astralis era (Image via StarLadder)
StarLadder ran the last CS:GO Major before the pandemic and the last of the Astralis era (Image via StarLadder)

Why the changes in the calendar?

CS2's competitive calendar for 2025 will mark some changes in the landscape of the scene. On August 3, 2023, Valve announced that from 2025, circuits with franchised teams will not be allowed. The CS2 developer also laid out some rules starting at the beginning of next year:

" - Tournament organizers may not have exclusive commercial relationships or other conflicts of interest with teams participating in their respective events.
- Invitations to all tournaments will use our rankings system or will be determined through open qualifiers.
- Any compensation to participating teams (such as total prize money) will be revealed to the public and funded based on objective criteria that can be verified by the community."

These rules aim to achieve greater equality between everyone in the CS2 competitive scenario and equal opportunities for everyone. The format or other details about the competitions for 2025 have not yet been revealed.

The next CS2 Major this year will be in Shanghai, but the 2025 Majors don't have a location yet. The last Major in North America was the Eleague Boston Major and, after several in Europe with one in Brazil in between, we can expect some noise from the community for the Major to return to that region.

NAVI won the first CS2 Major (Image via PGL/João Ferreira)
NAVI won the first CS2 Major (Image via PGL/João Ferreira)

CS2 2025 calendar

  • BLAST competition: January 13-26
  • ESL competition: January 29-February 9
  • PGL competition: February 10-24
  • ESL competition: February 25-March 16
  • BLAST competition: March 17-30
  • PGL competition: March 31-April 14
  • ESL competition: April 21-27
  • BLAST competition: April 28-May 4
  • PGL competition: May 5-May 19
  • ESL competition: May 19-25
  • StarLadder competition: May 26-June 1

First 2025 CS2 Major: June 9-22

  • ESL competition: July 23-August 3
  • BLAST competition: August 4-17
  • ESL competition: August 20-24
  • BLAST competition: August 25-September 7
  • StarLadder competition: September 12-21
  • ESL competition: September 23-October 12
  • PGL competition: September 29-October 13
  • PGL competition: October 18-November 3
  • ESL competition: November 3-9
  • BLAST competition: November 10-16

Second 2025 CS2 Major: December 1-14

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