efuse and NECC have joined forces to offer competitive collegiate esports players more opportunities than ever before.

In a ground-breaking partnership, efuse and the National Esports Collegiate Conferenced, shortened to NECC, have formed a strategic partnership.

The collaboration between the two entities delivers the largest college esports operator. The focus is to provide exemplary experiences and opportunities in the collegiate scene.

efuse x NECC partnership starts exciting new chapter for collegiate esports

NECC has been a home for collegiate gaming for several years, working with 500 colleges and universities to provide top-notch competitive esports.

On the other side of the partnership is efuse, a leading platform for all things gaming and esports. Combining forces only amplifies the duo's positions as figureheads in the gaming space.

With the efuse x NECC partnership in effect, the two organizations will represent over 800 teams. This is alongside the aforementioned 500 colleges and universities, and over 20,000 collegiate esports players.

"Our vision has always been to elevate collegiate esports and change lives through gaming. By combining NECC's operational excellence with efuse's IP and support, we are poised to offer unprecedented opportunities to collegiate athletes and fans across North America."

- Matthew Benson, CEO of efuse

This makes it hands down the largest esports operator in North America. And it comes with NECC licensing efuse's College Carball Association for Rocket League and College CoD League for Call of Duty.

"Aligning with efuse allows us to expand our reach and significantly improve and enhance our competitive offerings for our NECC community. eFuse’s resources and expertise in community engagement and sponsorships will contribute to the continued growth of the NECC."

- Jacob VanRyn, Commissioner and CEO of the NECC

What the partnership means

Per the official press release detailing the efuse x NECC partnership, here is what you can expect from it:

  • CCA and CCL Integration: NECC will license the CCA and CCL IPs from efuse, to be included in NECC's offerings. Three efuse staff members will transition to full-time roles with NECC for support.
  • Operational Framework: NECC will handle all operational aspects. This includes competition standards and broadcast details. efuse will create more visibility and engagement for the leagues, such as Discord channel access and social promotion.
  • Support and Sponsorship: efuse has industry connections that it will look to leverage in order to obtain publisher support. efuse will be in charge of sponsorship acquisitions, and will share revenue with NECC.

Again, this partnership creates the largest esports operator North America has ever seen at the collegiate level. The strengths of both organizations are more than enough to provide lasting collegiate competition for years to come.

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