McDonald’s has officially announced their partnership with the CECC Texas event taking place in May, 2023.

Fast food meets esports. McDonald's has officially announced their partnership with the Collegiate Esports Commissioner's Cup (CECC) in Texas. The sponsorship includes branded jerseys, promotions within McDonald's app and more as they strive to give collegiate esports competitors various opportunities.

Here is everything you need to know about the CECC Texas x McDonald's partnership.

McDonald's to help put on the Collegiate Esports Commissioner's Cup in Texas; giving players jerseys, app rewards and more

The CECC Texas event will take place on May 5-7, 2023 in Arlington, Texas. The event is being named as the "May Madness" of collegiate esports events, with some of the biggest titles in gaming being a part of the competition.

Student Competitor in CECC via CECC
Student Competitor in CECC via CECC

Here is every game players will be competing in at the CECC Texas event:

  • Super Smash Brothers Ultimate
  • Overwatch 2
  • Rocket League
  • Valorant

The weekend will consist of 64 teams competing, making up multiple conferences and associations.

Mcdonald's also is sending a Historically Black Colleges and University (HBCU) team to compete at the event. This is the first time in CECC history that an HBCU team competed in a title during the finals event.

All competitors will be wearing McDonald's branded jerseys throughout the tournament weekend.

McDonald's working to create a more inclusive space in esports

As collegiate esports grows, large chains like McDonald's are doing their part to help provide opportunities for everyone. The weekend event will hold various other fun events during the tournament.

Fans can expect a festival-like atmosphere. This will contain of activities like a Career Fair, Partner Activations, Cosplay Contests and more. A large-scale esports award show will also be hosted by ESPORTSU.

Main Stage CECC via CECC
Main Stage CECC via CECC

“We are thrilled to create a partnership between the world’s leading Quick Service Restaurant and the largest collegiate esports event ever,” said Jim Connelly, Chief Revenue Officer for CSMG/ESPORTSU. “Our gamers, social influencers, and engaged audience are a core demographic for McDonald’s, and we are excited to bring them all together during this event.”

The event will consist of multiple qualifiers in March and April, giving competitors a chance to pave their way toward the finals in May.

The next qualifier will take place this Friday, featuring schools like Illinois State University who will be attempting to defend their title as CECC champions in Overwatch 2.

About the Collegiate Esports Commissioner's Cup

The CECC has been turning heads for a few years now, as the 2022 event won the "Best Collegiate/Amateur/Semi-Pro Event” category at the Tempest Awards during the Esports Business Summit.

The 2022 CECC event took place in Atlanta with more than 2,600 fans attending. This is a high bar for collegiate esports, but fans expect the 2023 event to pass it.

Overwatch CECC via CECC
Overwatch CECC via CECC

With multiple Universities participating, looking to earn their way to finals, we should expect to see collegiate esports continue to thrive.

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