Rutgers and Nevada, Reno were the top two teams in both the qualifier and Quarterfinals of the Genshin Impact University Carnival.

The Genshin Impact University Carnival Semifinals minigame was Lockout Bingo. A bingo card was presented with tasks for each team to complete in-game. The tasks were worth varying points and if a team got a traditional bingo, with five spaces filled in a line, they received 20 bonus points.

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This came after an exhilarating Boss Rush in the Quarterfinals. The top four teams moved on to face off in pairs of two. Per the Genshin Impact University Carnival rulebook, the Lockout Bingo pairings were randomized. The randomization put the two best teams from the qualifier and Quarterfinals against each other.

Nevada, Reno and Rutgers randomly paired for Lockout Bingo to decide second Grand Finals team at Genshin Impact University Carnival

The leaderboard shows the top four Boss Rush teams in the first round (Image via eFuse on Twitch)
The leaderboard shows the top four Boss Rush teams in the first round (Image via eFuse on Twitch)

UCLA and UCF started the Semifinals round of Lockout Bingo. UCF put on quite the show with a diagonal bingo, punching their ticket to the Grand Final. All eyes were on the second Semifinals match up, however.

Rutgers finished the qualifier with a top time of 20:00:92. Second place was the University of Nevada, Reno with a time of 21:47:92. Both teams smashed their qualifying times, but swapped places in terms of how they finished. It was Nevada, Reno that snagged first while Rutgers ended the Quarterfinals in second.

Now, only one of the top two Genshin Impact teams in the United States has made the Grand Finals. The randomly paired Semifinals bout ensured that the top two to end the event would have a new look compared to the qualifying and Quarterfinals rounds.

It brings up whether the previous times should have been used for seeding purposes. It wasn't and the randomization often viewed as a fair way to create matches led to the elimination of Rutgers. University of Nevada, Reno won Lockout Bingo to secure the second Grand Finals spot with a score of 65-55.

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