The ESC’s Rocket League Collegiate Championship will see four teams compete in ESC’s first in-person championship.

As the weekend approaches, Esports Collegiate competitors in the Rocket League scene are preparing to gear up for the season's championship. The final four teams will be making their way to Columbus, Ohio to compete on Saturday, November 12th at the Columbus Belong Gaming Arena

Here is everything you need to know about the Esports Collegiate Rocket League Championship 

Esports Collegiate Hosts its first ever LAN 

Founded in 2020 during the middle of the pandemic, the E-Sports Collegiate (ESC) paved the way for member teams to have their players compete and be seen across multiple different games. With their 14-university roster, the organization sought to premiere some of the top collegiate gamers across the country.

Rocket League screenshot. Image via Psyonix.
Rocket League screenshot. Image via Psyonix.

This tournament will mark the first time the ESC has hosted an in-person championship, capping off their Fall Rocket League Season.  The four teams that made it to the championship are:

Akron looks to take home their 3rd ESC Rocket League Championship in a row and enter the Semifinals with a 14-0 record and the #1 overall seed. 

"We are incredibly excited to host the first-ever E-Sports Collegiate (ESC) in-person championship event in Columbus, Ohio," said Mike Vuraich, Executive Director for ESC. "This is an opportunity to showcase the high-quality programs and talented players in the ESC."

Rocket League screenshot. Image via Psyonix.
Rocket League screenshot. Image via Psyonix.

Every team attending has fought a hard battle to get here, making the competition anticipation high between the players.

Weekend Schedule

With the tournament being a two-day event, players are arriving on Friday, November 11th, for a  media day and practice session. A director's banquet will also take place later that evening.

Going into Saturday, November 12th, the competition will feature 2 Semifinal matches followed up by a Championship match. 

The first Semifinal match will begin at 12 pm EST and feature #1 Akron versus #5 Northern Kentucky University. This match will be followed up by the second Semifinal, #7 Kent State vs. #3 Western Michigan kicking off at approximately 1:30 pm EST. The Championship match is expected to start at 3:00 pm EST. For those hoping to watch the stream from home, eFuse will be streaming the entire event on their Twitch channel. Following the tournament will be a live awards ceremony, crowning the official winners of their Fall Rocket League season.