Collegiate esports continues to hold its ground in North America; With multiple leagues and tournaments taking place every week cover image

Collegiate esports continues to hold its ground in North America; With multiple leagues and tournaments taking place every week

Various students across the US are receiving scholarships and more for collegiate esports programs. Many leagues and organizations are continuing to dominate the scene.

Who said gaming was just a fad? With the incredible success the industry has seen over the years, it was only a question of when esports would become a recognized sport within the collegiate scene.

Multiple tournaments and leagues have been coordinated within the academic space. This has created unity, competition and more for scholars.

Here are a few examples of leagues and teams within the collegiate esports space and everything they are doing to help the community grow.

Collegiate Carball Association (CCA) leads the front in college esports; creating multiple opportunities for students

CCA is currently one of the top organizations within the esports scene. They hold tournaments weekly across multiple game titles such as Fortnite, Rocket League and more.

Additionally, the company has had over 8,000 students registered, and constantly grows every week.

CCA Fortnite via
CCA Fortnite via

With multiple tournament prize pools reaching over $50,000 USD, it is safe to say that CCA leads the scene with collegiate esports.

Also, the company's motto is "For Students, By Students", and is directly represented by their workforce.

Not only is the company full of collegiate competitors, but it also provides jobs within the scene. Students are able to take paid internships. These involve helping out with production or the marketing side of their tournaments.

They have students running their social media profiles, casting their tournaments and even running full-fledged productions. This just shows that the industry is growing, and this is a perfect space for students to find their niche.

Looking for an opportunity with CCA? Check out their website for more information.

The National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) hosts a wide variety of leagues and tournaments for students

Another popular organization within the collegiate esports scene is the NACE. With over 5,000 registered student competitors, they have created quite a name for themselves within the scene.

Beginning in 2016, the company had only seven colleges take part in their tournament. After years of scaling, they have over 240 schools and have given over $16 million away in scholarship funds.

With games such as CS:GO and Overwatch 2 being on their roster, various tournaments are available for schools to take part in.

Looking for opportunities with NACE? Visit their website for more information.

Various colleges across the US have been participating in the esports scene, helping it grow to astronomical heights

Multiple schools within the US have already opted into esports. Some schools are also competing against other schools via their own established leagues.

Collegiate esports via Forbes
Collegiate esports via Forbes

Although this is not as common as one of the large-scale organized leagues such as CCA, it still shows that every school is attempting to be involved in the esports world.

As more and more tournaments are put together and scholarships are awarded to students, we should continue to see collegiate esports thrive.

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