Check out the CCA’s Fortnite Creative Series Group Stage Week 1 standings.

The Collegiate Carball Association (CCA) wrapped up its first week of Group Stage competition yesterday, giving fans an insight into the competitor's abilities. The tournament marked the first Group Stage out of a series of three, which will be held over the next two Mondays.

Here are the top standings from the CCA Fortnite Creative Series Group Stage Week 1.

CCA wraps up its Group Stage Week 1 in their Fortnite Creative Series

The Group Stage Week 1 is officially over. Players who partook in the competition can now adjust their gameplay for the next two weeks, switching up whatever tactics they feel need to be changed.

The map used for Group Stage Week 1 was:

  • Rivalry Zone Wars: 8189-7256-4348

With high-stakes gameplay being shown throughout the entire night, teams from all eight groups were able to come out on top, showcasing their abilities amongst the other competitors.

Here is a list of the teams who scored the highest in their groups:

  • Group 1: Fisher College, McMaster Canada
  • Group 2: UNT Esports, Purdue
  • Group 3: Akron Zips Esports, John Abbott College
  • Group 4: The Uconn Champs, CSULA
  • Group 5: YorkU CA, FGCU Thunderbirds
  • Group 6: TAMU, USC Spartans
  • Group 7: Carthage College Firebirds, TAMIU
  • Group 8: University of Nevada, Reno, Purdue Pub Players

The team's scores will accumulate over the next three days, making it anyone's game. Teams who found themselves falling short in last night's competition can easily come back during one of the next two weeks.

Heading into Group Stage Week 2

CCA's Fortnite Creative Series Group Stage Week 2 is set to be held next Monday, October 2. Players competing will have the chance to ramp up their scores, giving them a chance to either get ahead of the top players from this week or fall behind.

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